Thursday, November 12, 2009

Patience - what is that?

I'ts early and I should be getting ready for school.

I'll be interviewed today by the swedish "Skolinspektion".
Many students throughout the country will be within the next few weeks.
They want to know (from the students) how they can improve the SFI school system, (svensk för invandrare) so that people like me learn swedish faster and better while it costs less money for the government.

I have been thinking about our next move a lot these days.
Too much.
I just don't seem to be able to find patience in that.
I have to.
Otherwise I will not be able to enjoy the journey.

I guess it will help to get back to some of Eckhart Tolles teachings...

It's the journey that matters.
I cannot know and predict how future will BE.

I want to be open for new adventures.

But I also want to be open for what is right in front of me. NOW.

I guess it's a good time to meditate some more again!

I gotta pack my bag now...

Wish you all a wonderful day out there!



  1. Had no idea you went to school to learn Swedish. That's neat. Do both of you go? Do you work? I admire you for going to school....debbie

  2. Good luck ~ you are an adventurous spirit.

  3. Another move??? Not to a new home, I hope...Oh, you've had to pack up so much...But lessons in Swedish? How wonderful!!!! You really DO make the most of the journey!!! Such a delight to hear all that you do!!! Hugs, Janine

  4. I can relate to that so well - enjoying the journey, not worrying about tomorrow, because 'now' is all we have, we might as well be here. thanks Michi, that puts things into perspective for me!!

    How was the interview?



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