Friday, November 13, 2009

Paths we have not wondered before

Good morning!
Well, thanks to all of you who have commented on previous posts!
It's always nice to get your opinions and "hellos"! :)

We'll move again in spring, and we'll stay in Sweden. That is for sure cause we like it here.
There are several reasons why we move again (sooner then planned), but I won't dive into that now.
We are looking for a new home and friends are helping us with that.
Since we decided to "drop" the whole "horse business", new opportunities are opening up for us.
That's how it is when you close one door.
There's always another door that opens up for you.
And it's true, we are "standing in front of many doors", some are closed, some are open a little bit and we can almost see what's on the other side, but just almost.
We can get a taste of what's on the other side, but we still have to take the door knob and really open it.

Well, I'm sure you get the idea *lol*

I am still not giving up on the idea of working with horses, or have some kind of life with horses.
It's just that for NOW the focus is on PATHS we HAVE NOT wondered before.

I am checking out possibilities to get into the bus drivers training.
Right now my focus lays on learning the swedish language well enough to be able to do that training and get my license.
Maybe it will happen, maybe not.
I was never one of those people who just set a goal and went for it.
I just know that too much things can happen and something else, interesting, could show up on the way.
So, stay tuned for updates on our new (old) journey!

The interview yesterday was cool.
I am a little proud of myself because I understood most of what the lady said and asked.
I was also able to communicate/answer quite some in swedish, for the rest we had the help of a interpreter.
Our teacher is sick again, second time this week.
He might have caught the swine flu...

I got my invitation to get vaccinated yesterday.
In sweden everyone has the right to get the vaccine, everyone can choose for him or herself to do it or not.
I think I won't take it since my immune system seems to be up and strong.
I keep hearing that there are so many side affects...
I'll just try to be careful, avoid big crowds and wash my hands often and .

We did have SOME sun yesterday and took the chance to go out with little Mika.
He loves to "catch" leaves and sneak up on Cleo.
He's becoming so handsome, his face is changing really fast.
I love his eyes when the sun hits them.
They light up in the most beautiful green and blue.

It's time to get dressed and get out to do some grocery shopping.
We'll have friends visiting for lunch today and I have little more then 3 hours left..
I better get going!

Have a fantastic friday everyone!!!



  1. You may want to think twice about the injection for Swine Flue. My hubby and I have always been very fit and healthy yet, he came down with the Swine Flue. So don't think for an instant you can't get it because you are fit - it doesn't work that way. We have had 8 deaths in our area. If I were you...I'd get the shot. Hubby has been in isolation for 5 days and gets out later think again please!...debbie

  2. That cat is gorgeous! My mom has a cat w/two different colored eyes, it's so neat.
    I think your journey is meant to will work out for the best. I understand the fear for the swine flu shot. I NEVER get the flu, so why would get h1n1? Well, I do think it's more highly contagious. And I work with kids, so big germ spreaders. I think the worry about getting it is worse than getting it! I kind of just want to get it and get it over with so I'm immune! ;)
    p.s. Thanks for stopping by and complimenting me on my photos!
    Have a great weekend!


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