Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday tales

It was raining this morning when I got up.
I went into the kitchen to take Mika's breakfast out of the fridge and turn on the coffee machine.
I looked out of the window and saw a bird sitting on one of the huge birches in our yard.
It was a falcon and looked pretty miserable and wet. He was probably hoping to see and hunt for a mouse, they are living under the leaves along the fence line.
But after a little while he left for the Naturreservat across the street...
He was a cute little fella and it was nice to wake up to such a beautiful sight.

I gave Mika his breakfast (he's always having access to dry cat food, but he also gets special treats every morning and evening...) and made coffee.
Missy came into the kitchen to say Good Morning and to let me know that she was ready to go outside and so I let her out the back door.
I made some sandwiches and started up my laptop.

There were some messages from friends and I was glad to have some time to catch up on the news and blogs.
It was very quiet in the house, I could only hear the water running down the gutter.

Time flies and it was almost noon when Cleo decided to take us out for a walk! It had stopped raining and the walk was quite nice.
A lot of birds were out looking for food and some of them were just singing for us, it seemed.
They gave their best to entertain us on our walk and let us forget the noisiness that comes from the highway nearby.

I took following photo on a walk two days ago when the sun was out and breaking through the branches in the woods.

Yesterday I decided to widen the layout of my photo blog justamomentpixels to be able to post larger images so I can show them to their best advantage.
I did the same adjustment to this blog now, hope you like it.

Here are a couple of new photographs from several walks we took this past week...

Some leaves are still green, but on the ground

Islandic horses taking a nap in the sun.

Fresh green between lots of grey.

The small ferry to Ivö Island a bit north of here.

Fly agaric

Chippy in the tree.

Metal on stump.

It's almost 3pm now and we lit some candles.
Ice speed skating is on this weekend and Hasi is watching. Always. :)

It's time to play with our little man, he's full of energy and needs some attention. I really hope we'll get some sun again next week so he can go out and play in the yard too.



  1. The new format with larger photos is very nice, and as usual your photos are Vonderful!!!! ;O)

  2. do like the larger format! your pictures are wonderful. you have a good eye...debbie

  3. (Soll ich jetzt auf Deutsch oder Englisch? :)

    Hey there, coming from Red and the Peanut :)

    Your collection of walk pics is gourgeous.
    I love the autumn feel to them.
    (I do miss it!)

    My favorite is the little man though.
    He looks so energetic!

  4. We do not have rain, but minus 25 degrees this morning. While I am also having coffee, I cannot see anything outside yet. At 8.18 it is still pitch dark.

    Michi, I admire your pictures, and the layout of your site in general. We both love the way you write: you paint pictures with your words. An old native guy once told me that, if you speak from your heart, people all over the world will understand what you are saying. That's what comes to my mind when I read your stories (and you comments on our blog). Thanks!!

  5. Hey! Thanks to all of you for commenting and your kind words!

    @ MJ & Debbie
    Glad you like the wider layout! :))

    @ Nicole
    Glad you found your way here! German? English? Doesn't really matter as long as you say "Hi"! ;-) And YES, he's very energetic! He is right down home with us!

    @ Manuela
    Brrrr! Minus 25, that is really cold!
    Thank you for your kind words as well. I cannot say much about my writing or the way I write, I just do. I write down what comes out of my heart... that's for sure. I wouldn't do it any other way. Glad you both like it! Means a lot to me, thanks!!!! :))

  6. Well I'm of course late in saying hello...but that is the nature of my job and life....

    Love the new format.
    The pictures are delightful and always worth a look--see!

  7. I just didn't know which language to choose since your main page is in Deutsch ;)

  8. What a gorgeous series of photos!


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