Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday walk

Even though the weather is not very inviting for walks right now, with positive attitude and the camera around your neck it can be very rewarding.

BÄH! :))



  1. Really nice series of Black and white! I love, love B/W!! Great photos!...debbie

  2. I like the unusual way you handled the black and white. Nice.

  3. Great, artistic shots! The black and white was fun. I don't typically think of going b&w because of the color of fall, but it's kind of desolate and matches the season as winter approaches, too!

  4. ...beautiful black and white photos. I can feel the stillness that accompanies fall as winter sets in. Just lovely....
    ....but that poor kitty. Oh my gosh, he must have a story or two to tell, and with his tongue lolling out like that, I had to laugh. He looks like he's had a hard and wild life (but a free life too...).

  5. Winter is a great opportunity for a whole different type of are showing that with your black and whites...and of course the oak leaves with a touch of color.


  6. Hey there HBFG! I love these shots! I do the weekend walk photography as often as I am able. I love to get out and just shoot whatever I see!

    My favorites from this series are the top one of the berries and the colored one of the leaves. Fantastic work! Thank you for sharing!


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