Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday walk II

Monday morning it is.
Still dark outside.
Quiet.! :)

Here's part two of our Sunday walk. Enjoy!


Krukmakeri / Töpferei / Pottery

On our Sunday walk yesterday, we passed some very old, but well taken care of buildings.

They turned out to belong to a "Krukmakeri". A Pottery.

During Summer is it possible to take a look inside and see how pottery was done in "the older days".
Now, during wintertime, the museum is closed. So we took a peek through the windows to get a glimpse of what's inside.

We saw tools, a "baking" oven, very simple furniture, raw-fired pots, tiles for masonry heaters/tiled ovens and a very simple, natural stone floor.

It's amazing how "far" we have come.
I mean, when you see how people used to live in those days, what they were able to achieve.
They produced such amazing things with simple methods and mostly with their bare hands.

How long did it take those people to groove those HUGE millstones... all by hand!
I think we found at least 5 of those millstones with a diameter of 1,5 meters.

The baking oven is sticking out of the house...

The second building doesn't have big windows, it was too dark inside so we weren't able to find out what purpose it used to have...

It's been a good Sunday.

A new week is ahead of us.

Looking forward to new adventures!




  1. Wonderful pictures, Michaela. I loved them.xx

  2. ...I really enjoyed seeing these old building in this post. Beautiful photos as well.

  3. You have a wonderful eye for describing your world. So wise to use b/w to help explain what that world was like so many years ago. Your vision is sharp and fresh.


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