Saturday, November 28, 2009

Going with the flow

We were out for dinner last night.
I ordered mushroom soup as an entre cause I never prepare anything with mushrooms in it at home (Hasi doesn't like mushrooms at all), so I often take the chance to eat something with mushrooms when we go out...
So when the soup arrived (after more then half'n hour) I was excited.
It was served in a huge bowl made out of bread. It really looked like a soup bowl and even had a lid.
It looked so nice.
Unfortunately I didn't have much time to enjoy that (I couldn't even take a picture with my camera) cause the bread bowl started to leak!
At first it was just one corner... "Hasi looked at me and said " EAT! FAST! "
But then it started leaking all around and I could do nothing about it!
My mouth was all watery and there went my soup!
Within ten seconds it was gone and the plate under the bowl was floated. The dark green paper napkin got all soaked and in my opinion helped prevent the worst.

I went up, went strait into the restaurants kitchen...
"Ursäkta! My soup bowl is leaking!"
The waitress started to run back to the table and started to apologize and then she tried to remove that plate from the table. But the problem was, that it was filled up to the edge and everybody could have guessed what would happen if the plate would be lifted up...
She did it anyways! She tried to take it back to the kitchen like that!
I couldn't believe what I just had witnessed...
After messing up my side of the table and floor with the dripping mushroom soup, she realized that it might be a good idea to get a tray.
Well, you can probably guess the rest of the story.
I did eventually get my soup, in a regular, real bowl. It tasted good and I was happy!
Also with the rest of the evening.
We got home in time to watch the dutch version of Idols and stayed up till around midnight...
But thinking of that soup event last night still puts a smile on my face!

It's been a busy week.
We did a lot at school, that language (swedish) starts to make sense to me, which is nice.
We had to work on our CV, write about our past, educations, work experience and future plans or goals and wishes...
AND I went to a meeting with a company who is searching for female bus drivers!
Yes, they say that they have lots of men working for them but they think that women can do that job so much better for many reasons.
So I have a very good chance to be able to get the bus drivers education, beginning in January, for free.
AND a very good chance to get a job right after that.
Bus driving sounds like fun and I'll definitely give it a try.
I've been thinking about following that career for quite a while now.
I love to drive trucks and I enjoyed working on my last job in Austria, but dealing with all those heavy pallets I had to move around and transport, was hard on my body.
Another big plus with this whole bus drivers thing is, that I will be able to work on different places in Sweden, in case we keep moving around like this. :)) *lol*
They wouldn't mind and promised they would have a job for me in every city in Sweden and even in France, if I would decide to move there... *lol*
Why on earth would I want to go to France??!!
I like it here and so does my small family.
Anyways, I'll have a personal meeting this next week and then I'll know more...

We'll make no plans though for the future, no big ones anyways.
We'll just go with the flow and see what opens up for us.
It's kinda fun to do that, although it's a bit scary at times.
We tend to think we must plan everything, we must have perspectives, plans, goals and that security feeling.
And yes, to a degree we do, because we are human.
But do we need all of that?
We have been given this (more or less) intelligent brain, that remembers so much and tries to dictate our lives every single moment.
It gets a life of it's own sometimes and makes up all kind of scenarios, doesn't it.
I have to admit that I had times in my life where that brain of mine got very close to driving me crazy.
Things have changed and so have I, thank goodness!

I keep wondering how life would be like, if we would sell pretty much all of our possessions and live a more simple life somewhere or on the road even. Maybe just for a couple of months, or a couple of years...
I don't know, sometimes that idea is very appealing to me, sometimes it's not.
But I'll definitely try to get more comfortable in going with that flow that is called life, or destiny.
Some call it life plan. Some think it is the plan they make for themselves. Some think it is made for us long before we are born.
But frankly, I don't care if there is a plan or not, I'll keep working on my independence of that brain of mine, of this doubt and fear factory in my head.
I'll keep working on being present with a smile on my face.
I know I'll get many smiles back for it!


Have a fantastic NOW-MOMENT everyone!


  1. What a hoot! So funny! I love Mushrooms and Mark doesn't either. :)
    I have been fighting my 'fear mind' all day today, but I finally think I have it under control it is 8:05p.m.......better my 'now moment' be late than never.xx♥

  2. I applaud you for being so brave and being able to consider just up and doing anything that comes along...including moving around!

  3. Sorry your soup sprung a leak! Funny story! Perhaps you should have called the waitress a little sooner and avoided the fierce mess!! lol At least you got to eat. Driving a bus sounds like an interesting thing to do. Would it be local in town driving or long distance or vacation bus driving? I'm not so good at the idea of moving around so much. We did that when we were kids and I would much rather have a home in one spot. However, I can see where you are coming from, with no kids to worry about and just a few kitties, it would be much easier. But, I like to feel like I have a home. I think I would get real tired of it pretty quickly. But! you must have the right personality for such adventures!Good luck on acquiring the Bus job!!!...debbie

  4. Oh, my...I'm so GLAD you finally got to enjoy your soup!!! What an adventure!!! But your keen sense of humor, and wonderful, easy-going outlook carry you...and you truly lead a beautiful life!!! Looking forward to seeing where you go next!! ~Janine XO

  5. I'm picky about Mushrooms....I didn't like them as a child at all, but now I do like them on most pizza's, and, in ravioli, and stuffed as apppetizers. But sometimes, I don't like them, LOL! I am excited about your new opportunity. You have such a positive outlook on life!

  6. ...lovely post. My friend drives a school bus, and she loves the job. Plus...she gets summers and breaks off! Good luck with the interview. I've sometimes wondered what it would be like to just take off and live on the road for a few years, maybe in an RV or something. Seeing everything...

  7. After waiting for the tasty soup you ended up with a flood...and a great story to tell!

    My good friend drove a school bus until the cut backs started coming and now she works in the school office. But she she enjoyed the kids and the job. So we all shall wait you and see if you will be heading out in the dark mornings to get children off to school.

  8. I agree with all you say Michi, it's all very true!
    your soup story was funny, we have the same here only the soup is clam chowder. it is sooo delicious in the bread bowl, and very filling too.
    good luck with your bus driver job, it sounds great!


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