Saturday, December 5, 2009


Our Mika is growing into a real teenager!

That's how sweet he was just 5 months ago...

Now he's more then just a handful!

All he wants to do in the mornings is play play play.

And when he's in a certain mood (wild look in his eyes) you can't even pick him up properly.
He tries to bite and scratch you... But then it is important to not let him get what he wants, freedom. So I keep holding him, which isn't easy.
He tries to bite the hands and reach your face with his paws...!
On the last picture you can see that my hands are having scratch marks, Hasi's too...
Well, the trick is not to let go, even though it hurts a bit. He needs to learn that he can't always do what he wants, right?!
Not that he is mean or anything, he just doesn't want to be retained.

Going for the face... saying "leave me alone woman!"

And my ear...

Between 6:30 in the morning and around 2pm he's not just going for all the curtains in the house, he's also going for computer cables, plants and Missy's tail...
He's chasing her around quite a lot. Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn't. :)

Mika absolutely doesn't like the water jet coming out of the spray bottle! ;-)


Sometime after lunch he takes his first afternoon nap.
And when waking from it he is usually ready to be cuddled a lot!


PS: Photos taken by Hasi


  1. Nice Photos! Compliments to the photographer! :o)

  2. Hmmm do kittens go through the terrible two's? (smiles) Love and Light, Nina P

  3. Oh he is a handful...cute as ever pictures of him in the hand...betya can't be doing that too much longer!
    His two toned eyes are beautiful.
    That shot of him pawing into the air wishing he'd connect with your face..too hilarious...god thing he has a collar to hang onto!

    Well, they are just loves at any stage...forever changing and loving us! And we do love them right back!!

  4. You need to watch the Dog Whisperer. LOL

    We got this monster cat, at about 20 pounds, a Baby Kitty, who is hell on wheels when the moon is full. He just now wanted to jump from the sofa onto the Christmas tree. Patty had to get the fly swatter after him.

    He is fortunate, that there are no 2x4's in the house. LOL

    Your kitty is just fabulous and quite beautiful. It reminds me of our son when he was in 1st grade. He could get away with anything because he was cute with blonde curls and blue eyes. Teachers didn't have the heart to punish him.

    Now he is 52, divorced, and has a girlfriend from Columbia. And his only asset that I am aware of are his blue eyes. lol

  5. He has such a cute, cute face and those eyes!! My goodness they are so unusual and pretty!! I just can't imagine anyone not liking Kitties. Our Ernie is such a grump, but at 13, he has been jumping on my desk and laying down with me. I just wants me to pet him a little bit or he growls, I guess he just want to "be around". I do like his company!!...debbie

  6. He's a handsome boy. How quickly they grow!


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