Saturday, December 5, 2009

As we move along...

It's one of those very quiet Sunday mornings again.

I enjoy going through other peoples blogs, watch Mika play and racing around and I look out of the window every now and then.
It's "grey" outside.
At least it seems to be, that's how we like to describe it...
A thick blanket of clouds "sits" between earth and sun.
Nature seems to be asleep.
I see a few birds flying from tree to tree, hopping from branch to branch.
The air is thick and there are no shadows.

In reality it is not grey outside.
That is just what our mind makes of it.

We love sunshine, we love warmth and color around us.
And if the sun is "missing", we call it "grey".
We do name a lot of things "grey" if we don't like them.

We like to be able to see clear.
We like to be able to see where the light ends and the shadows begin.
We like to have the knowing that something is either black or white.
We don't like it when things are "grey", when they are not clear to us.
We don't really like it when we don't understand, when we are not able to have a clear explanation in our heads.
Grey is mysterious to us.
We don't like it if there are no shades.

(I'm wondering..... Is it because we can hide so well in those shadows??)

Light and darkness cooperate to produce those shades that our senses pick up instantly, that we look for and are drawn to constantly.

I hear a flock of geese. I love it when they fly over our house.
There are not much sounds on such a quiet sunday morning, it seems.
But as soon as i focus, concentrate, I can hear a lot.
Every now and then a car is going by our house.
I hear the ticking of the clock, the heating installation down in the basement underneath the living room.
I hear water dripping from the roof above and the turning van that tries to cool my laptops processor.
I notice my own breathing now, the gentle noise that is produced by air going into my nose and coming back out.

And between all those noises, there it is.


It is in the space between everything.
I can hear it sometimes, this silence.
I can even see it sometimes, as strange as this sounds, that is the truth.

Silence is in between black and white, darkness and light, thought and anticipation.

Silence seems to be in the grey that we so often resent, that we even fear sometimes.

There is no reason to fear or resent the grey.
We need to welcome it when ever we find it or when it finds us.

We will feel the silence when we are open for it.

Silence brings peace to our hearts and minds.



This past week was interesting, filled with insights and ups and downs.
As we move along with the universal flow, we make life and reality our own.

We seek faith in everything, because it's the only way we can make a difference.
It's the only way we can make ourselves visible in a positive way.

The energies we radiate influence others.
When we realize that, it's time to act.
It's time to take on responsibility.

Energies flow back and forth.
If I am influencing others, my surroundings, in a positive, implicit and unconscious way, I will be "rewarded" with that same energy coming back to me.

Isn't that a nice thought?!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


I don't want to withhold this picture from you...

It's our lovely Cleo, showing off her brand new jacket!



  1. My grandmother used to say that when it was foggy or when it was so misty ... that the clouds were tired and had to take a rest by sleeping on the ground.
    Gray days can be lovely also...but yes I do miss the sun!

  2. What a spiffy jacket! Great color for clio!!...debbie

  3. Reminds me of one reason that T and I left the Portland, Oregon area....gray skies, not moisture, not cold, not wind, not rain, just too much gray air. It can, and sometimes does, take its toll if you don't get a little variety in between. (at least it did get to us)
    Cleo's coat, by the way, is very new-age very spiffy she looks!

  4. I LOVE gray days...the way the mist clings to the bare branches...and hugs the world...So wraps me like a blanket...and envelopes me in that tranquility-- as you so beautifully and poetically describe it!!! You have brought such peace with your lovely words perfect for a restful Sunday! Thank you! And Clio? Always adorable!!! Love, Janine XO

  5. ...a lovely, contemplative post. I enjoyed it, and I loved the Mika post before. Such a sweet kitty...I love those eyes! Back to the first post, though....the pup's jacket looks nice and warm--and like it's a doggy space jacket from the future! :-)

  6. You write beautifully. I am snowed in today. 12 inches of snow and still falling. 45 mile an hour windgusts and blizzard warnings. This is the time of year I feed my mules in the barn.

    I enjoy Our Iowa winters and I am prepared. I love my cat and dog as they are my most faithful companions.

    We have been using my new snow shovel and the cat and dog compete to see who will be the most annoying. I am sure they will soon tire of the snow shoveling game. Happy Trails


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