Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Snow Snow... but not here and now!

I had my day off school today, every second tuesday.
My birthday is coming up and I am looking forward to thursday, I invited some of our best friends over for coffee and pie.
And Friday we'll have a visitor from Holland, Ingrid's sister will come for a couple of days which is mighty cool.

I still don't have any details about the bus drivers education which is supposed to start some time in January, but the guy at the meeting last week told me that they have enough people already signed up to start a group. That was very positive and I am looking forward to hear from him again sometime soon.

Weather wise I don't have much changes to report. It's still kinda grey, sometimes tries the sun to come through. It's not really cold, but that might change in a couple of days. We might even get some snow which would be welcome!

I took following pictures a couple of years ago back in Austria.

Here in Skåne, the most southern province of Sweden, is this amount of snow rather unlikely.

We'll wait and see, it's only begin of December and enough time before winter get's really started...

Until then we'll just look at old photographs. :))

I took all these photos with my little Konica KD400Z


  1. Wonderful shots. Sometimes as much as we dread snow and winter...I think it is as beautiful as any other time of the year in a way.

  2. Beautiful! I LOVE LOVE snow! As long as I don't have to drive in it, LOL!

  3. Wow. You do have some beautiful pictures of snow. Lots of snow. I hope we don't have that much here either. We do have thunder and lightening and high winds and driving rain this morning.

  4. Great "snow" series. My goodness, that's just a ton of snow! The last photo is exquisite.

  5. Spectacular Photos!!!! So beautiful!! Love to look at the pictures, although when it falls? I prefer to sit by the fire at home ;-)Happy Birthday, Michaela!!! ~Janine XO

  6. These pictures are so fantastic - wow! I LOVE the frost one at the bottom, it's beautiful. Cleo is such a cutie - and I love the snail in your header! Can't believe I just noticed that... did you change the header shot recently?

  7. ....beautiful photographs of the snow. I hope we get some too. I'm in the mood for a winter wonderland of snow! I love that first photo...

  8. Lovely photos. I've never been in snow that deep in my life. In this country everything grinds to a halt when we get an inch or two though we did have some decent snowfalls in the 1960s.


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