Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great Weekend

Last weekend was very nice. My sister in law came for a short visit from Holland. We went for walks, "played" with our iPhones, (Hilde put a protective shield I had "left over" on the screen of her iPhone), drank good coffee, watched ice speed skating on TV and laughed a lot. We played a lot of Solitaire on our Macs and iPhones as well. (Now we are hooked! We blame you Hilde! ;-) ♥)

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning!

And then it's time to put the protective shield on the touch screen...

On Sunday we took a trip to see some of our friends ride their horses.
This grey QH was really handsome and seemed to be more focused on the mares in the riding hall then on the rider.

Hilde went back to Holland Monday evening. The "peperkoek" she brought from Holland is already gone, but the cheese is still in the fridge. What a treat!!! :)) Tack Hilde!

Yesterday we were hoping for a little snow, but it didn't fall.
What fell down from the sky was rain.
But then, tonight, the rain started to transform into snowflakes. First it was little ones, falling from the sky. Then they got bigger and bigger.
It has stopped again, but we got at least about 1 inch of magical white! :)

Mika made his first contact with the magical white - he doesn't know yet if he should like it or not.
On one hand it's soft (cats like soft), it's fun to play with snowflakes and everything smells interesting.
On the other hand it's cold and wet...
After a very short time he was ready to go back in...
I guess he's very happy about having a warm house!

Christmas is just around the corner people!!!!!



  1. Lovely!!! Love the pictures of the gray, Christmas...and of course, Mika...Mika is growing up!!! So glad you had such a great visit!! Hugs, Janine

  2. Oh my gosh your pictures are so gorgeous, I just love them. I gulped when you said Christmas is almost here, I've not done anything yet, no baking, shopping, only a bit of decorating. This weekend i have to get to it, I can't wait.

    take good care and keep warm.
    HI mika!

  3. What an absolutely stunning bunch of photos..please don't ask me to pick a fav...!

    My xmas shopping is complete. Now I look at a stack of stuff to wrap.

  4. I love the one of the horse's head - he looks so knowing.

  5. Lovely post today, and your photos are wonderfu. Especially like the horse photos.


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