Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December Beach Åhus

Christmas is over.
I have to admit, we didn't do any decorating what so ever this year.
I didn't bake cookies, we didn't drink eggnog and didn't have any guests.
The Christmas tree decoration stayed in the box this year.
But we did have a good time.
Quality time at home.

A couple of days ago we went to the beach for a walk. The weather was quite okay, a bit chilly though.

But Cleo didn't mind at all in her new, warm and funny looking neoprene coat.

It's one of Sweden's coast lines where fishers still catch european eel.
Eating eel is not my thing though.
I am not much of a fish eater anyhow, probably because I grew up on a farm and we always had our own meat like pork, beef and chicken. Every now and then we had fish sticks which have really not much to do with fish anyways.

I know we should eat fish at least one time a week, especially since we live in Sweden where you can buy the best salmon you can imagine... but I guess it's just hard to get around all those old habits we collect during growing up.

There is nothing left from the snow we had last week, it has rained a lot.
Now it's cold again, under freezing point. But it feels so much colder when the icy wind blows into your face.
We went to Växjö yesterday to look at a house that is for rent.
From the outside it looked very nice and the location was just gorgeous (only 200m from a huge lake), but unfortunately it didn't look that nice inside.
That means we'll continue to look for a nice place for our little family.
Of course that house will have to meet certain requirements.
First of all it should be away from a main road so our cats can go out and stay safe.
It doesn't have to be big, but it should have at least two bedrooms.
It should be somewhere near a lake (there are plenty in the area that we are looking) and surrounded by lots of nature.

I got good news the other day, I have been accepted to take my bus drivers education which will start probably end of January.
I am looking forward to a new career AND it won't cost me a thing. It's a good feeling to know that there is a job waiting for me right after i got my license.
Jobs are rare these days, even in Sweden.

It's time to start fixing supper, all that fresh, cold air we got today makes hungry.

Ha det bra!



  1. Love your pictures
    you should try to sell some of them
    i would love to try Salmon from sweden
    I live in Colorado and we dont have but frozen Salmon around here,just fresh snow,heehee
    congrats on your job!
    Cleo is so cute
    Have a happy new year

  2. Cleo looks very happy in that cozy coat! The beach pics are very nice. My family used to live near the beach and I'd visit often. I have fond memories and really miss it!

  3. Thanks for visiting me and for your greetings.
    Happy New Year.

  4. It sounds cold where you are, and looks it too! why do you have to move again? did you already say and i missed it? well good luck on your house search, the right one will come along i'm sure!
    happy new year!

  5. Cleo is positively adorable! Nice shots at the beach too.


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