Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A thaw has set in

Yes, all the snow we had is melting away. I doubt that there will be enough left for a white christmas.
And if there is some left, it will be a mushy christmas.

Just a couple of days ago we had -17 deg C.
One afternoon we had some sort of ground mist, it looked very mysterious and beautiful.
I took these pictures from our back porch towards our little town.

The same evening we found Mika napping in Barry's "Schnuffel Wuffel" Basket.
Isn't that cute between all the toys?!
At first he didn't notice the flash, he was really fast asleep.
When he woke up he started to stretch and made funny sounds. He seemed to be really happy to see me! :))

Yes, I know....
There are people visiting us in our home who say...
"Wow, you have a very huge basket for your little dog/and cats. Cool!"
(They don't know that we had a big dog too...)

Others say...
"Why do you keep your big basket around, doesn't it remind you too much of Barry?"

Well, the reason is very simple.
Cleo loves to play in it, she always did.
She loves to jump in an out, bark at us and Mika.
And Mika apparently loves to take a nap in it!
It's a good basket.
And who knows... there might be a puppy playing in it again someday.

One more day till Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho!!!


  1. Oh that looks captivating...those pictures of the snow melting off...

    We are in for an ugly couple of days for those who wish to travel.

    It looks like your dog and cat enjoy that bed so much.
    My JRT likes to launch off from the back of our couch.
    Aren't pets great?
    Have a Merry one!

  2. It's a very good Barry Basket. And memories are good! I'm very sure that one day you will have another bigger dog to fill it up!
    AND you two have a Merry one also.....

  3. Happy Merry Christmas!
    It looks like even Mika likes the room to strech out! what could it hurt to keep the basket? it's nice.

  4. Beautiful pics! A mushy Cmas....bummer. I mean, at least people will be able to travel to their destination, but melting muddy snow is not as pretty, that is for sure! :) Mika looks very comfortable...hope your holiday is the merriest! I am SO excited to see my family!

  5. Lovely post. That kitten is sooo cute. And I really like the scenery photos with the soft pinks and muted colors. Nice work. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr!

  7. I still have my dog's basket...and he died 7 years ago...can't part with it...and like you say...there may be another puppy...someday!!! Love these photos...such comfort and peace...Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! Love, Janine XO

  8. What a lucky kitten!
    thats the life!


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