Saturday, December 19, 2009

Playing around with Photoshop

It's saturday, snowing and the fridge is full so we don't have to go anywhere.
Time to play with some photographs that are great in content but not in quality...

Let me know if you like the result!

You are also welcome to try to upgrade this photograph yourself, you can download the original file "here" and then post your edited image on your blog...

Let me know if and when you do so, I am curious what you are making of it!


The original wasn't too bad, the girls face was quite okay, the horses face was too dark though.
So I tried to lighten up the horse somewhat without getting the girls face too bright.
I played some with shadows, brightness, contrast, vibrance and sharpness...

I'm gonna play with some more images and eventually post them here and my other blog.
I have a lot to learn here and the time to do it now that the holidays are just around the corner!

Stay warm you all!


  1. Yes I think you have got the corrections absolutly right, any more and the highlights would have started to burn out. It is always difficult to make comments because everyone see's things differently. but well done

  2. Looks like you did a great job to me. Cute photo....debbie

  3. forgot to ask you if you'd put a photo of your cute little kitty on your header. The one you entered in the contest. I love that picture....debbie

  4. I liked both photos, but the second one did "technically" have better contrast and detail. The composition is beautiful, though!! I will play around with it and post it some time next week, fun!

  5. Both are beautiful...but you have made beauty perfection!!! You are such an extraordinary photographer!! Merry Christmas, my dear friend!!! ~Janine XO

  6. I love to mess around with photos too. And I do it almost every day. In this nasty winter weather I have to look through some of nearly 100,000 images to see if something interests me. The I think of something and type it out like "barn" and up pops a lot of barns. I look for the least of them or the worst and try to improve on it. I posted one of them on my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog.

    It is one that was taken several years ago and was not used. I like it now.

    The horse and child are both great. I like the top one with the emphasis on the child and the darker horse is not emphasized and is in shadow.

    When you emphasized the horse too then they become more of a team and both get equal billing. Which I would choose would depend on which way I wanted to use it.

  7. Thank you all for commenting! ♥

    Yes, it really depends on how you look at a picture, and what speaks to you most.
    AND, as Mr. Lincoln said in his comment, it depends on where you want to put the emphasis.

    In this picture I wanted to lighten up the horses face and eye because then it shows how much unconditional love and understanding there was between the girl and the horse.

    I am what many call a "natural light" photographer. And what I find most important in a photograph is, that the eyes of the subject(s) are able to tell the story.

    Thank you all for stopping buy and
    @PonyGirl.. I am looking forward to see your "result" !!

    @Happy Days... I am using this photograph of Mika as a header on my second blog

  8. Nice job with your picture... I like that 2nd one because you can see the horse much better and yet the girl is not washed-out.... You did really GOOD!!!!!

    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Nice job of brightening up the horses face. You are becoming such a good photographer. I also like the ribbon and Xmas tree.

  10. I think you did a great job, it looks wonderful to me! Beautiful photo!


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