Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walk to the beach south of Åhus

We went grocery shopping to Åhus today, about 15 min south of here.
We could have done our shopping here in the village, just a mile down the road, but then Cleo wouldn't have had the chance to go to the beach.
She loves the beach.
Not for the same reasons we do i suppose.
She loves the beach because of the soft sand under her paws AND cause of all the exciting sniffs she can get there.

It was not so cold walking through the woods towards the beach, we could hear the surf, the wind must be strong today we figured.
Not so in the tree-covered dunes.
It was a nice walk.

Someone seems to have dumped his old gym machine right there in the woods...

Ingrid spotted her first. She just said... Look! There!
I aimed my lens at her and "klick, klick klick"
The deer stayed there long enough for me to take 3 pictures.
One was even sharp enough to do a good crop.

That's why we didn't stay long at the beach. Visibility wasn't too good and it was cold.

I really miss the sun, not only because of the warmth she puts on our skin, also because there are no "sunny spots" and no "shadows", and the colors are kinda dull.
I have to admit, it's much easier to find good photo opportunities when the sun is out and the light is right.
But I also love the challenge, your eye has to be alerter and you have to work so much harder to get a nice shot.

Cycle of life... decay and new live in form of green and white moss.
Almost fools you into thinking it's snow.

The dunes and trees.

Found some color after all... :))


  1. Oh, that's brilliant!!!! I love the electric blue!!! And you are such a fine photographer that you make the most of whatever light you find!!! Love this! ~Janine XO

  2. ...walking the woods in winter has its own charm. We have to work to find it though. I do love the sounds of the birds, especially the nuthatches and the chickadees--without the leaves everything seems amplified. Lovely photos as always. You have a very creative eye. it's always enjoyable to see what you will rustle up! :-)


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