Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Life is full of expectations, right?
At least it seems like it.
Do we NEED them on the way to happiness?
No! We don't!!
There were tons of expectations in my life.
From others and my own...
I am talking only about mine here...!

Expectations on life in general, expectations on members of my family.
People I love, even though they didn't and don't know how to love me back.

I learned to let go of those expectations and am happy about that.

I am free, at least in that regard.

Today I realized that there is something else I need to let go of.

I always have visions.
Positive Visions.
Visions about how things could be IF only...
Visions about how life could be IF only...

I always try to work on myself, my personal development, spirtual "enlightening".
I really make good progress.
I am happy, happy with my life, with my family, the way I feel "inside".

When I think back just 3 years ago...
I was unhappy, terrified, worn out and desperately looking for "inside" peace.

Now life is so much better.
I was lucky.
Lucky to meet the right people and lucky to be loved by the right people.

I had to find my way "back" all by myself, like a child has to learn how to walk by itself.
Meaning I had to take all my steps myself, well guided and protected by someone who loves me deeply...

I also learned that everyone I met/will meet in my life was/we'll be like a mirror.
Everything I find annoying about someone, everything I admire in someone, contains an important lesson for me.
I look at "it", without judgement (not always easy - old nasty habit)
and turn it around...
I look at myself and ask myself what I can learn from that, what I can change in my life to bring more value to it...

I also try to ask myself what effect my actions have on my family and what I can do to be a pleasant, smiling and natural human being to be with.
Working on that one every single day! ;-)

But back to my visions...
I care a lot about other peoples happiness.
I do.
That will never change.

But the thing is, other people's happiness is really not my business.

I am a fan of "The Work" from Byron Katie.
That woman is really great!
"The Work" is so simple and helpful.

I also realized ONCE MORE that Eckhart Tolle is simply right.
We would ALL have a happy and peaceful life,
if we would recognize our Ego for what it is.
If we would recognize how our Ego controles and manipulates us
and how attached we are to it.
We think we "need" our Ego.
We think it's good to have an Ego...
That's our Ego speaking! ;-)

So bye bye Ego!!!

It's the I that counts.
It's the I that cares.
It's the I that loves.

I realized that
I really
have to

and NOT for what
to be.




  1. Nice post today :) I don't have the freedom you have ...I'm working on it, but I have a long way to go to find what you finally have... Sounds nice

  2. Wonderful post. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully well at being a great human being, Michi. Good Job! xx♥

  3. I've read all of Eckhart Tolle's books too (being a yoga teacher, it goes hand in hand.) Dropping the ego and practicing loving compassion towards self...is the key. Wonderful post...you really did well describing it. Thank you! :-)

  4. I enjoyed the post a lot. If you can't talk to nature you ain't there yet...is what I tell people who wonder at anything.

    Your photo was excellent too.

    Thanks for visiting my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog.

  5. Wonderful post. I think you nailed it.
    Happiness comes from within I think.

    Accept what you are and what is around you ... and smile.

  6. Life is a gift, and we as recipients of this gift, have a terrible habit of wasting the precious time that we have been given. I can tell that you have worked very hard to accept your life and the love around you.
    Spend time learning about the things that you love, spend time with the animals and the people that love you and you will most definitely be happy. :o)

  7. I enjoyed this post and it provoked many thoughts and reflections upon myself. I need to check out that book!


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