Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Isn't that flower beautiful?!!

It's getting dark sooner and sooner every day now.
I have been out till around 8pm planting herbs in our garden.
I love herbs.
I love to be able to run out while cooking and get them.

It's still small plants, but if they survive winter I will harvest lots of herbs next year!

Hasi watched the soccer game Netherlands vs. England earlier.
Now she's back on her PC and enjoying a glas of red wine.
Not my thing. I'll stick to juice
OR cold milk - my favorite!

Even though they say grown ups should not drink milk.
That's why I switched to lactose-free milk now.
I actually found a brand that tastes really good.

Sweden is really good with things like that! (Austria sucks)
They (Swedish supermarkets) have all kinds of milk products in lactose free form.
They also have all kinds of vegetarian foods.
And McDonalds and Co. are offering veggy meals.
Not that we are vegetarians, but we do like to eat meat free from time to time.

We are planning on taking it easy tomorrow, maybe go for a little drive with Cleo and take her for a nice walk...
She deserves it, she's such a sweet girl!

Friday we'll drive up to Växjö area to visit a friend.
It's about a 2 hours drive (north) and are looking forward to a change of scenery.
Our friend lives at a lake - so exciting.
I'm really curious how nature and landscape is up there.
Hope the weather is in our favour, especially for taking photographs.

It's been a fantastic Wednesday!


Looking forward to another Thursday in our new home!


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