Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Award Rules

This is "Hidalgo". He is a young PRE stallion and belongs to my friend Carola. (He's for sale, just in case anyone is looking for a "new" horse) Isn't he handsome?!


Guten Morgen!

I was up very late last night and that's why I went up this morning, turned out the boys in my PJ's, took a cup of coffee and a small sandwich, checked for e-mails and went BACK to bed!

Boy, those two more hours were perfect!


Last night I wanted to get my post on the Kreativ Blogger Award done, so I could move on whith my life... (don't get me wrong! I am very grateful for the recognition but it's also a lot of work that comes with it)


That was what I was thinking... "Phu! It's done... Thanking everyone, writing 7 things about me, nominating 7 other blogs I like to read and that fit the Awards criteria (which is creativity if I'm not mistaken), post links to their websites and leave a note at their blogs to let them know about the nomination..."


It was almost 1am when I was finally able to get to bed.


This morning when I checked for messages I found a note that one of the nominees feels that she cannot accept this award. :(((
I understand where she is coming from, but I truely believe she, MJ from MancosMuleMJ, deserves the award because she is one of the most creative persons I know!!!
And that is what is important to me. That's MY intention behind this whole Award thing.
It's really not about those 7 + 7 + 7 things one has to do in order to be able to accept it...
It's really not about those rules that come with it...
I decided NOT to nominate someone else instead. ;-)

So to everyone of the 7 nominees...
Enjoy your nomination/Award!
You deserve it no matter if you go along with those rules that come with it, or not..!



*hi hi*

Time to muck out some boxes!
Hasi hurt her foot the other day and I got promoted to the chief mucker in the stable.

Have a lovely day everyone!



  1. A very handsome horse for sure! He (or is it she!) is beautiful!


  2. I feel like such a smuck for not excepting the award, and I really do appreciate the compliments. I guess for me it's like how I use to feel when I worked hard to show my mule. I really enjoyed the work to get my mule show ready, but I hated the show and the grandstand full of spectators. Today all the ribbons and trophies are gone, but I still have a huge head full of wonderful memories. So once again, thanks for being such a good friend and listener. This blogging stuff is really fun and that's what I like about it.
    Also, tell Hasi to feel better soon and that I'm sorry she hurt her foot. It's always nice to have a little break from the mucking chores...she probably deserves it.

  3. That Hidalgo is a beautiful piece of horseflesh! Nice photo.


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