Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are who we are

It's so true that we are who we are because of our experiences.

We know how to be strong because we know how weakness feels.

We know how it feels to be free because we were imprisoned.

We know how to love because we have been loved and neglected.

We are able to be compassionate because we have been ignored and judged, and because someone else shows us compassion.

We are able to climb mountains because we'be been in the valley (with those who chose to go there).

We know how important it is to feel the sun's warmth
because we have been shivering in the shadows of life.

I am feeling sunshine's warmth every day now.
I am feeling love every day now.

I am so... Lucky Lucky Lucky!!!



  1. It is so true about the revelations of opposites!
    I know how to appreciate health and calm for events of late!
    Enjoy your warmth and love!


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