Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally some time to play with the horses! :))

We finally have the luxury of having a huge riding arena. It's been a bit neglected by the previous owners and grass is growing on it, but we haven't had the time to take care of that yet.

It's good enough though to do some longing and groundwork on it.
It's perfect!
Earlier this week we were working with both horses. Hasi did some Parelli exercises with Indigo and I was longing and longreining Midas.
Yesterday Midas was watching when I was longreining Indigo for the first time. He had already learned some basics in Germany when our friend Trixi was training him last fall.
I first checked how much he was remembering, put the rope around his hind legs and over his back to see if he would be ok with it.
Then I asked him to turn around by putting the rope around his hind legs again and by pulling on the rope while I was standing on the other side...

Then I attached the longreins to the bit (and later the halter) and worked him on both sides, we also did change directions a couple of times, very nice! I was very proud of our yougster.
He is sometimes a little tense but never freeky or scared.
It's great to be able to work with them again after so many months.


Unfortunately is my time for blogging very limited at the moment, and I am really sorry that I haven't had the time and energy to continue posting on my new artlesshorsemanship - blog...
but i am confident for the future that I will get a lot of material (photos) and stories for that too.

Tomorrow I will go to Kalmar with a friend, I hope the weater will be better then today, it has been raining all day.
It's about 3 hours driving to Kalmar where we will meet horse people of course!
I have to go and pack my camera gear now...

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Ich wünsche Euch allen ein tolles Wochenende!!!


PS: Dankje wel Hasi for taking these great pictures!! ♥


  1. They are so beautiful!!! And don't worry about your horses settle in to their new home...we'll be here when you get back! ~Janine XO

  2. Indigo is one handsome boy now. He is a lot more dappled than I remember him to be. I enjoyed the photos very much (good job Ingrid). It reminded me of all that work you did on our guys in Oregon. I so glad to see you both back "at It' again. It looks GOOD!

  3. It looks like he's being trained very well. He's a beautiful horse.

  4. Visit my blog. I have an award for you.

  5. Horses that have had their training left for awhile do remember, as it is apparent in your photos.

  6. Aaaahh, brings me back in time to when Junior and I did that - only I had to stay away from his hind legs a lot farther or he might decide he was not going to do it and let me know...he was a character and at times very stubborn. Your horses are so pretty. Glad your getting to work with them now....debbie

  7. I'm glad to see your where your heart is!! lovely shots. I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I have nominated your blog for an award on my own. When you have time please come and check it out.


  8. Lovely training day for young Indigo also..I see that Midas helped you both out some!
    I want to get some long lines too! I have ab awesome traing video i found and now is posted on my blog that inspired me..just need a place to work now..I love your arena!

  9. ...beautiful....glad your horses are settling in. You are living a dream--gorgeous scenery, gorgeous animals, peace...


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