Friday, June 19, 2009

Schweden feiert Sommersonnenwende - Midsommar

Now we know what "Midsommar" is, swedish Midsommar...

Back in Austria, when I was a child, we used to go to the "Sonnwendfeuer" - the annual fire at Midsummer night.
The farmers in the neighborhood would get together just before sundown, there was always someone playing the accordion, we kids were running around the wooden stack that would light up the sky later in the evening and play.
Our eyes were also lightening up when the fire was higher then any building we had ever seen (except for the church AND everything looks bigger when you are a child anyways),
some of the grown-ups were always getting drunk and we wouldn't go home until just a small pile of embers was left...

Swedish Midsommar is different, at least in this region.

Here's what happend this afternoon.

We were invited to join the Midsommar Celebration in Olseröd, a small village on the East Coast of Skåne.
So we went there around 2pm and walked over to the community building.
People where already setting tables and got started to decorate the Midsommar Pole.

Here a couple of photos:

Cute coffee cups and a nice little folder with lyrics of some of the folksongs
that we heard that afternoon.

Tables all set and ready for coffee and pastries

There was a big pile of branches, the women were cutting off the twigs...

and the men were tying them to the pole, together with all the wonderful flowers.


Unfortunately, and also as expected, dark clouds showed up on the sky, all the tables had to be cleared and everything was taken inside the building again. It was amazing how quick the people were!

Within 20 minutes or so the tables were set and we were all allowed to sit down.
Coffee was ready and for just 40 swedish kronor we could get pastry and cookies.
We were buying some lots for the tombola (we didn't win anything) and the musician started to play his accordion...


...just as we were comfortable (Edith was sleeping in my lap), the sun came out and people started to go back outside.


And the amazing thing was that the Midsommar Pole was all done!
YES, the people just continued to decorate it throughout the rainshowers.
And then the big moment, the pole got placed in the middle of the yard.

Within no time kids and grown-ups started to form a circle (some of the women and girls had a floral wreath on their heads) and performed a cuple of funny and cheerful dances.

There was also a horseshoe throwing competition going on, but I don't have any pictures of that unfortunately.

Moa with the gorgeaus flower wreath in her hair and a magic ring.


Later in the afternoon (around 5pm) we went back to the house and C and ML started to get the food ready.
Sweat bread, Knäckebrod, Salmon, Herring, Eggs, Potatoes, Sour Cream and Matie
Strawberries, Cream and Sugar for desert!

There was also some (very strong! ) belgian, german and dutch beer...

and a cuple of different bottles (very small ones) of Schnapps.

All together we had a fantastic afternoon and we would like to thank Carola and Mari-Louise again for everything!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ We had a blast!!! :))

It was getting pretty chilly in the evening, so by the time we got home I had already decided to fire up our very nice (white!) fireplace. We are now sitting comfortably on the sofa and enjoy the warmth and the crackle.

And have a great Midsummer weekend everyone!

Good night!



  1. What a fun post! Loved the photos and explanations. Your blog is terrific. And the food photos made me hungry!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful day in Ilserod!! Beautiful table setting and the menu looked great! Lots of music and dancing! What fun!! really liked the pretty tea settings....debbie

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us. I love the garland of flowers in the young girls hair. Looks like a very sweet celebration.

  4. Haha..Im still Laughing...Best Midsommar EVER! I never had such fun in my life haha.

    Send you some flowergirlpics later *s*


  5. Oh that was so fun and I felt like dancing right her in the computer's room...fantastic time through your pictures! I will have one of those fantastically strong beers, please!
    Good night and see you soon!

  6. Very interesting post, Michaela! Looks like heaps of fun.xx♥

  7. yes i would like a strong beer too!

    not the kind that comes from koeln, eewww.

    i've been seeing ribbons in trees, since spring, and i wonder if it's a similar tradition here in NRW.

    wonderful to experience it with you thru pics. thanks for sharing.


  8. Very interesting post. The celebrations here in Fairbanks are quite a bit different--well, except for lots of food, dancing, music, and beer.


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