Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Phuu! - ready for dreamland!

We went up before 6, let the dogs out, gave them breakfast, turned the horses out, filled up the water bucket with fresh water, gave them hay, fresh mowed grass and a see you later! - be good! - kiss.
The sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs and the salt shaker, orange juice and water bottles were already packed in the basket and placed behind the drivers seat of the car, where everything is easy to reach during the trip.
Dogs in the car and off we go!
We picked up the rental trailer just a couple minutes after 8am. The nice man wrote my name on a piece of paper and helped us hook up the trailer to the car... no paperwork and no questions, very uncomplicated, minutes later we were entering the highway westbound.
Getinge, Halland here we come!
On the way we decided to buy a couple of more lashing straps... just to be on the safe side.
The weather in Getinge was very nice and sunny (here it is rainy and kinda chilly today...) and so we started loading the panels and the gates in T-shirts.
Everything went well and we had them loaded and secured within 30-45 min, I didn't really look on my watch though.

Panels in the garage

Panels loaded and secured on the trailer

I took the chance to say "Good Bye" to the place (and the Moose family) this time, because when I was leaving the farm the last time, I had the horses loaded and didn't really take the time to look back a "last time"...
We did have a great time o that place and I will always be thankful for everything we were allowed to experience there. :))
The drive home was very uneventful which is good, I am not complaining! ;-)
Back HOME we decided to take a short break before unloading and landed on the sofa right away.
You gotta take care of yourself, right?! (And there should always be time for checking for mail and news in blogger country, hihi! ;-))

The unloading was also uneventful and the trailer was ready to be returned 2:45pm.
So I went back to Kristianstad and unhooked the trailer 3pm sharp.
I paid 290 SEK - that's about 27 Euros for 7 hours - that's nothing!
The moving company wanted 400 Euros for the job!!!!! That's outrageaus, isn't it?!

Well, I am glad we could safe that money for some furniture we need to purchase SOON.
We are looking for used, maybe antique stuff like a couple of book shelves, a cupboard, a dining table set and a dresser or two...
That will be exciting! :)

Tomorrow is horse day.
I really had the strong feeling today that the horses are starting to feel neglected, so I promised them that they will get quality time tomorrow.
Brushing, cuddling and some longing/groundwork.
I am looking forward to play with them again, especially since we have that wonderful, big riding field at hand! Yipee!

Another day is almost over.
I am ready to enter dreamland...

Good night everyone!



  1. Sounds like you have had an interesting life...

    Vaden Chandler
    The Arete' Blog

  2. It's a shame the movers didn't do their job, but, since you saved money - maybe it was for the best...unless you already paid him and he didn't do what he said...ass___. How about some photos of the horses out in their new field!!...debbie

  3. Wow! What a job!!!!! You are a trouper!!! Enjoy your time tomorrow with your wonderful horses!! Congratulations on a move well-done! Sweet dreams! ~Janine XO

  4. Beautiful flower photo - was that in your dreams? Glad you're all moved, and can spend time with your horses.

  5. Hope you can relax a little bit and enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Wow...great to have it done ha?

    I got a new brother yesterday, just out of the blue, a late email and a lot of love and happiness...*happy smile*

    Thats whats going on when you folks are not around haha.

    See you later ;)


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