Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quiet Sunday

Wonderful sunday morning!
It's quiet in the house.
Everybody is still sleeping.
The only noise I can hear are the little paws of Missy.
She is a little restless this morning, she has a bladder infection, is on antibiotics since yesterday, but it will probably take a while till the meds kick in.

She had the same problem about 10 months ago back in Austria, that was when we started to pack up our things and we had moving boxes sitting all over.
It's interesting that she seems to react to THIS move in the same way.
Cats are known for their sensitivity, they often react in many different ways to new, stressful situations, to change.
Others may say that Cats are "Cleaners".
They clean away stress (often our stress or even illnesses) by taking it in which might make them sick.
It's possible!
Everythings possible, right?!
I mean who am I to say it's not possible.
If it is like that then I can only say "thank you".

The temperatures dropped significantly.
From over 20 〫C (heatwave!!!) to 10〫yesterday.
The mornings are chilly and the wind is strong.
I just put the horses out on their pasture, there is not much grass, but that's ok, they are fat enough.
They have room to move, to play and get lots of fresh air and some sun. They love to look around, especially Midas likes to see what's going on.
He loves flat areas where he can see very far.
The farmers around here can be happy with the growth of their crop, everything is as green as it can be.
Of course, some of them "help" a little with irrigation, those watering machines are fascinating to me.
There must be soooooo much water in the ground, they pump and pump and pump day after day after day....
Even though it doesn't rain so much here, the ground-water level must be very rich and illimitable.

I just love watching the farmers work on their fields. Our direct neighbor, Lars, (he stopped his tractor on the fence the other day to introduce himself and say "hi") is moving his machinery a couple of times a day.
A wonderful sight apears when it's sunny... love those rainbow colors!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!


  1. Amazing idea about the cats processing family what does it mean when my little kitty (she's 10)keeps using my newish couch for her litter box?
    I think it means she's angry about the couches' intrusion...and change. Or maybe it's domination and displacement and I'm the one who gets to process family stress with the UT infection...2 last month!...we should be pretty calm by now. :-) Beautiful prism rainbows in the water...<3

  2. Michaela ~ Firstly, your post warms my heart. Thank You.
    Secondly ~ Thank You for your loving words.xx♥

  3. Nice post! And lovely series of photos. You caught the rainbows just right!

  4. fantastic set of photos! Love the way you caught the rainbows! Hope your cat is better hard to see loved one's sick!!! Enjoy your serene day!!!! ~Janine Xo

  5. Your viola photo is beautiful! I hope Missy is soon feeling better and adjusted to the new home.

  6. Hope your kitty feels better soon! Loved seeing the rainbows in that water!

  7. I love rainbows and enjoyed looking at the pictures. It's an interesting theory you have about the cat's ability to absorb stress.

  8. ...beautiful colors in the water spray!
    Hope your little kitty is feeling better soon. I like your idea of the kitty being a "cleaner." I've heard that before. That she got sick on both moves is an interesting connection.


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