Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Almost Midsommar!

This is Sirius, the "new" cat of our friend Carola. He is extremely handsome and is a big smoocher! :)

It's been a wonderful day, again!

A wonderful wednesday.
It started kinda late, 10 am.
We continued to "clean up" around the buildings of the farm.
It will take some more weeks until the place looks like we want it to.
Our little loader, the Avant, is a big helper. It helps to move practically everything up to around 250 Kilos. And it pulls the harrow that makes the arena ridable again. :))

I am finally getting it, slowly...
It cannot be done in one day, not in two, not in 3 weeks...
And it's not really about getting it done, it's the journey, it's the process, not the progress that matters.
It's the fun that you have while doing things.

The horses are really settling in now. They know every paddock now and we have a nice routine. It's been warm lately and the wind is always welcome to keep them cool.
Midas doesn't like the heat and loves the rain, Indigo loves the sun and hates the rain.
Those two horses are so different, in every way.
And they are best friends.


Friday is MIDSOMMAR, the swedish people celebrate the Midsummer Night BIG BIG BIG.
Midsommar is the second important holiday after Christmas.
Sweden celebrates the longest day of the year with lots of marinated herring and drinking.

Midsummer Eve always falls on the third Friday in June so people can enjoy a long weekend, the kids have started their summer vacation one week ago.
Celebrations often continue long into Midsommar Day, when people are mainly recovering from the "festivities" of the previous night.

We will be inducted in this wonderful swedish tradition by our Friends in Olseröd.

I don't know if there will be fonfires around here, that is probably different from region to region.

We'll find out, that's for sure.

Good night everyone!


  1. Even at my age it is still the process and not the end product that should keep you loving what you're doing. Besides, once you achieve the end of the process, then what?
    You sound so happy and for that I am very glad!
    Happy Midsommar....

  2. Hello new little kitty who looks like cream. Very sweet & cute looking! Love kitties! You've got the right idea - Rome wasn't built in a day!! You'll get there!!...debbie

  3. The kitty is quite handsome. The rest will get done, just enjoy the ride.

  4. Cute kitty! And do give us more updates on Midsommar! It sounds fun :)


  5. We celebrate the midnight sun here in Fairbanks in a big way too. There are lots of activities: a big street fair, a midnight sun baseball game, a huge race including costumes, riverboat racing, etc, etc, etc. It's ironic that on the official first day of summer, things start to turn around and we begin losing daylight time, a few minutes every day.

  6. My husband and I are both Swedish and will enjoy following your blog. All of your animals are beautiful...did you move to your farm recently? I too enjoy photography and have taken over 20,000 photos in the past year. Having a Journal serves as great motivation.

  7. hey, how far away is sweden?

    can't be too far in this mess of tiny countries called europe.

    schoen dich kennenzulernen.

    ~lytha in germany


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