Saturday, June 6, 2009

Almost ready to fledge!

This house, the garden and land around us is not just home to us, it is home to so many wonderful animals.
There are so many swallows, sparrows and other birds nesting in bushes and under the houses roof.
Today I met three young (Eurasian) Blackbirds. They had left the nest, hopping around in the courtyard. Their parents always around, still feeding them. They tried to fly a little but it was never more then a couple of meters. You have to start somewhere, right?!

Here a couple of shots of the siblings...



  1. How exciting to have so many new photo opportunities to explore! These shots of the little blackbirds are wonderful. I especially like the fifth one. You were very fortunate to be able to get so close to them. Good work!

  2. Stupendous!!!! Your photography is amazing!!!! Such wonderful shots!!! I am in awe!!! ~Janine XO

  3. Very nice series of photos. Cute little bird.

  4. Beautiful little bird!
    Hope you are enjoying your new environment, as much as i am enjoying the visits.xx♥

  5. Oh how sweet! it sounds like you've settled in pretty quickly. I'm looking forward to more photos of the new home and neighbors (with tails and wings!).

  6. sooo adorable
    isn't that what they say, all journeys start with a few hops & flaps :)


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