Thursday, June 18, 2009

My precious little camera was kaput

Did I mention that my little Konica was kaput?!

Three weeks ago, the day of the move from Getinge to Fälkinge, I took a few photos and then the camera fell...

When I opend the shutter - nothing - dead!

A couple of days ago I decided to open it up and I found the problem :))

It's working again!

Here a photo I owe you from the move...
remember that we expected (orderd) a big truck to move our stuff...
This is the mini - truck that showed up:

Well, you know the rest of the story, most of you do.
That moving company really let us down, but that's in the past.

We are starting our fourth week here in our new home.
Hasi's foot is much better, she doesn't need the crutch anymore:

I took an evening walk around the farm today, took a couple of photos with my little camera.
I went in the stable, the boys were already sleeping. They are usually outside all day if the weather isn't too nasty.
We miss the open stable we had in Austria and Getinge, and so do the horses, but the boxes do have a big plus too. Indigo is allergic to those tiny little gnats aka "no-see-ums" that are active during dawn and dusk. If bitten he starts to rubb his mane and tail...

I continued my walk around the house and stable and took a couple of "nature"-shots...

Looking south

The bumblebee was gone by the way the camera was clicking

This snail is not the only one out back, there are soooo many, sitting everywhere!

We will have lots of cherries this summer! :)

The peony fully blossomed

Tomorrow is Midsommar.
We'll go to Olseröd in the afternoon, there's going to be a Midsommar Village festival.
And after that ends (around 5 I think) we'll have herring and strawberries at Carola's farm...
Looking forward to the party!!!
ML and Carola sent us a MMS Photo this afternoon, they made a Midsommar pole for the party tomorrow! We'll probably have to dance around it with flowers in our hair..???

Isn't it beautiful?!!!

I'll post some for photos of the farm (that I took today) and Midsommar impressions in the next couple of days.
It's late now, gotta go and get some sleep.




  1. You are lucky you were able to fix your camera. My first digital camera got run over by the car--no fixing that. That was very traumatic for me, but when my next one died, it was much easier. Now I see it as an opportunity to get the newest technology.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your Midsommer celebration photos. I know it will be a very different celebration than the Midnight Sun events here.

  2. I look forward to seeing the photographs of your farm.

  3. You are so silly...I can just see the look on your face when you dropped that camera, AND I'm so glad that it wasn't terminal. You need that camera. I love the way you use it to express yourself.
    Also glad to see that crutch in the umbrella stand... hugs

  4. Smooch! I am glad it wasn't the end of your camera.xx

  5. Great series, and I'm looking forward to seeing your Next post!


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