Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday's Impressions

I love spring!

Every day, every drive is exciting!

Each day the scenery is different.

There is something NEW to discover every day.

I wish I had a wide-angle lens to get nicer lanscape shots though!!!


At I first thought...
OH! Look at those sheep, aren't they cute!
But then I realized it were
PIGS on the LOOSE!

This is our landlord at work.
Two of the large fields around the farm got ploughed last week.
Yesterday they planted the new seeds and finished the field by draging a big heavy roller across the field to push the rocks back into the ground.
We are ready for some rain now...

is a busy day,
I have to give our little one (Cleo) a bath,
she is getting a little filthy!
And she will have her haircut today.
Maybe I'll think of making a before and after photo...
Hasi has to go to town running a few errands,
I will stay put and deal with some
household stuff and entertain the animals...

Have a great day everyone!



  1. The farm you are showing in your picture with the red are living there now? or is that your horse farm you rented? Pictures are pretty. The land sure is pretty. How many acres does your landlord own? What does he plant?...debbie

  2. Hello again Debbie, no, that is not the farm that we live on. I will post a photo later with some info on our landlords farming... :))

  3. "Pigs on the loose" made me laugh! Pretty scenery too...

  4. Looks like a nice place. What were the piggies up to?

  5. ...the piggies were just having fun I guess. The farm where they belong to does also have a shop where the sell organic products and meats, produced ON the farm. That meat must be very good quality if they treat all their animals like those piggies... :))


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