Saturday, April 25, 2009


We are back in Getinge, the contract is signed and we are happy!!!

The first map shows where we'll move to 1st of June.

The second map shows Getinge,
that is the place
where we live now,
as well as "Fjälkinge",
that's where the horse farm is.


South Sweden

Fjälkinge is a nice village
about 10 km from Kristianstad,
an absolute historically interesting city in South Sweden.
The horse farm is just outside Fjälkinge,
and just minutes away from very nice Nature Reserve.
(That is the "hill" behind the farm on the second photo below...)

The farm is called "Persdal" and used to be a HUGE farm.
I believe that most of the land has been sold many years ago
and since then it has been adapted to keep horses.
Size of the farm is
about 6 acres, that is 2,5 ha
pastures and paddocks.
And we will rent
an additional 7,4 acres (3ha) of summer pasture.
Lots of space for happy horses!!

The barn has room for 10 or 11 horses at it is now,
but there is room for more if we want to.
We will see.
We will stay there at least 2 years,
but you'll never now.
It might just be those 2 years, it might be longer.

We don't have any specific plans for now.
We take it day by day and focus on the move first.
We'll be very busy for the weeks and months to come,
quiet a few things have to be arranged.
Can't wait for 1st of June!!!





  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm thrilled for you! It's stunning!!! You deserve every happiness!

  2. Tack! (meaning thank you in swedish) :)

  3. Wonderful News!! The farm looks just wonderful, nice big house and barns and pastures. So pretty and getting green!! Congradulations on your new home and horse venture...debbie

  4. ...I think it would be happy to. It is gorgeous. You are living a dream.

  5. I keep forgetting to ask you... Where is the photo in your banner from? It's interesting...

  6. Thank you all so much for your support and sympathy!

  7. It looks like a beautiful farm!

  8. That looks absolutely fantastic! What a beautiful place. I hope you are very happy there.


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