Saturday, April 11, 2009


Franklins Gull (german "Lachmöve") ...thank you Montanagirl! ;-)

So often it seems

...let someone else take a decision for you
instead of
taking action yourself.

...feeling someone elses pain and sorrow
instead of
feeling your own.

...enjoying the child (-like behavior) in someone else
instead of
loving the child inside yourself. advice
instead of

...helping others
instead of
accepting help for yourself.

...judging someone elses opinion
instead of
standing up for your own.

..bury yourself in work
instead of
finding out what life is really about (by taking time for yoursef, your friends/family...)

...following someone elses ideas
instead of
believing the truth that lies within yourself.

...trying to fit in
instead of
being who you really are.

...making sure to satisfy the needs of others
instead of
your own (OR VICE VERSA).

...staying low
instead of
taking the first step towards happiness.

...turn on the radio or tv
instead of
sitting in silence.

...i could go on like that for a long time.

...and I am sure that you could come up with one of those as well.

try it!

for me sometimes it seems easier to

instead of



  1. Very nice photos on your blog. I like the Gull photo. Is it a "Franklin's", A "Laughing" . . .? Nice little dialogue of thoughts too.

  2. Thank you! Isn't she pretty?! I took that photograph March 2007, in "Grein" at the Blue Danube, that is a small town in Austria... :)

  3. Oh, we have lots of sea-gulls here on our island! I like their "laughter"! Your thoughts are beautiful. And true.

  4. "smile instead of frown"

    I love the words you have here Michi. And the photo, incredible. Wow!

    ♥ lori


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