Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am fine!

It has been at least two weeks since we've seen a moose...

I wonder, where they are.
I guess they are finally able to find enough to eat
the forrest and
don't have to come out so much anymore.
We haven't seen any deer lately either.

I was out riding this morning,
we did see two Cranes on a big ploughed field.
We could get pretty close,
until they took off.
Didn't bring the camera though...
Those birds are so HUGE!
What a wonderful sight.

This afternoon we took a drive out to the coast.
Of course NOT without the camera...

The farmers are working hard these days.
Most fields are ploughed and seeds planted.
The weather has been perfect, the fields are dry this spring.
I was told that last spring
many of the heavy tractors got stuck
in the mud and it was hard to get the job done in time.
I think no one has reason to complain this year.

At the beach...

The wind pushed waves towards the shore,
sunlight reflected magically on the water.
It was loud and powerful.


We really enjoyed the time here in this area.
It has been 6 months since our arrival in Sweden.
We love the landscape here,
the province Halland has been a fantastic home for us.

Yes, I am writing in past tense...
I didn't want to write - or even think - too much
about our future plans
I am so incredibly excited and
as long as we haven't signed the contract,
I fear something could happen
and then I would be very disappointed.

I am writing
about our big, new adventure,
about the fact that we will be moving soon,
about the horse farm that we will be renting.

We will meet the owners again on Saturday,
hopefully we will all be able to agree on the contract.

Saturday is the big day.
Or maybe it is just an ordinary Saturday.
I could choose to put extra stress on myself,
but I really want to stay focused.
I could choose to drive myself crazy,
but I really want to stay calm.

On one side
it is perfectly normal to be nervous,
on the other side
there is absolutely no reason to be nervous.

I want to be able to relax in this situation,
I don't want to spoil this wonderful, exciting and sweet time until Saturday.
I want to be able to enjoy the whole process, every minute of it.
And I want to be able to let go of the fact that it might not happen after all...

All I have is the NOW.
Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow is not yet written.

We'll see how I'll get through the next days...
I'll be fine.

I am fine!



  1. I can't think of anything I'd like to rent better than a Horse Farm!! I hope everything goes well and you can come to an agreement. So!, once you rent this horse farm, what are you going to do? Board? Train? Give lessons? or just have the whole thing for yourself and allllll your many horses??? Boy, that sounds great to me!!!...debbie

  2. How wonderfully and delightfully exciting...I get butterflies in my stomach for you!!!! These photos are gorgeous, BTW! I love them!!!! And I love your new header as well!!!! Very striking! Draws me in...~Janine XO

  3. Your new Header is great. The photos are great. Your blog is great. I hope the contract can be worked out to your satisfaction. How exciting to rent a horse farm!

  4. great photos.
    love barn and farm photos.

  5. Thank you all for leaving a note...

    The picture in the header was taken in south sweden. The place is called "Ales steenar". You will find info here... http://www.zwoje-scrolls.com/as/aleseng.html
    for those who are interested. :)
    It is truely a magical place!

    More info on the horse farm project will come in future posts... ;-)

    :)) Michi


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