Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The weather is great!
Temperatures start around 10˚ C in the morning, I think if we wouldn't have wind blowing, today's high would be above the 20˚.

Yesterday we loaded our little loader onto B.'s big loader again,
went over to his other stable and cleaned it out.

It's nice work,
and B. doesn't have to do it by hand as he used to.
It's a big ("open-") stable for about 10 or 12 yearlings (trotters),
they can go in and out as they like.
They stayed there all winter
after they got seperated from the mares last fall.


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Our car is in the garage again,
this time they really try to find out why it isn't starting as it used to.
I hope they find the problem (this time!!),
it isn't ok and it needs to be fixed.

The horses are grazing outside,
right behind the house.
We fenced the yard around the big stables for them.
They are always happy for a change in scenery and some extra green grass.
It's nice to watch them and they seem to enjoy our company too.
We just sat outside for a while,
had nice grilled turky sandwiches with bacon!!!

It's time for ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Nice series of photo, and a little look into what you're doing. I esp. liked the one of the thermometer casting a shadow. Good work with the camera!


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