Friday, April 10, 2009

Are horses intelligent?

Well... most of them are!

At least in my experience.

Some more, some less...

Yesterday evening, it was around 7, the horses got a little spooky. They started to run back and forth, stopping in between to look into one direction only.
Their focus was on the forest nearby.
We looked too, but couldn't discover the reason for quiet a while but we knew it must be either wild pigs or a moose...
After about 10 min, one of us searching with the help of binoculars we discovered a young male moose.
He was taking all the time in the world to look around and eat, a twig here, a twig there...
The horses were calming down a bit and mostly standing in one corner of the paddock still staring.

It took about 1 hour until the moose, which was accompanied by his mother as it turned out, had reached the nearby dirt road behind the stable wanting to cross it.

I had already gone to the stable by that time, on my bike, to bring in the horses for the night.

They were still kinda scared, expecially Midas. Indigo, being more curious and brave, wanted to come to me for his supper, but decided to stick with his friend after all.

So I got a halter and a rope.
Mama moose and moose Jr. were still close, I coud still see them grazing on the other side of the road - and so could the horses.

I brought them (the horses) ;-)... in, closed the stable door.
They finished their supper with their ears wandering around, still alert.

And then... I couldn't believe it at first...
one of them turned around, went strait to one of the (5)windows in the back.
He knew exactly in which direction he had to look...
He was checking if the moose were still there...
Indigo knew exactly where he had to check!

This horse is incredibly smart, once he learns something he'll remember it forever.
And now it turns out that he has a fantastic sense of orientation too.

I was stunned, still am.

Never underestimate an animal!!!


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  1. We had horses, too, and especially our mare was really smart, too! I love horses anyway, even the fearful or a bit stupid ones.


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