Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pixel Clutter

Cleo: "Let's go and save those branches from drowning!!"


We had a fun day!

Especially because our animals had a fun day!


I have updated my photo homepage.
For those who are interested please visit:

You'll find more Cleo-swimming pictures there...

Photography is a lot of fun,
especially working with digital equipment.
But you also end up with
thousands of photos
within a relatively short time.

So you depend on good software,
which I found in iPhoto.
Others may work with different applications.
It takes a lot of time to
organize all those pictures well,
so that you easily can find
that one specific picture you have in mind...

And you want to store them all in one place, right?!
Those external hard drives fill up so quickly, don't they.
Pixel clutter!

Well, time to cuddle the dogs and then bedtime!



  1. What sweet dogs...I LOVE them...Our dog died about 7 years ago, and I haven't had the heart to replace him...but your pictures make me think it may be time...Goodnight!

  2. Cool pics! Looks like they're having fun. I use an iMac and find iPhoto to be very easy to organize photos with.(But, yes, I have so many!)


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