Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ja, it has been a while

since we've heard from certain people.

I heard them say:

"YES, we WILL stay in contact".

"We will MISS YOU", they said.

"We are SAD that you guys are leaving", they said.


We take it all for granted sometimes.
And we love to cherish
in our lives.

As long as it is not too much "work".
We like it easy.
We like it simple.
We like it uncomplicated.

And yes, we are all so involved and busy in our own lives.

We get SWALLOWED by our own lives, it seems.

In times of EASY and endless possibilities to communicate
too hard to
KEEP IN TOUCH, right?!
No matter how many miles we are appart...

Family is not something you can choose, is it?
CAN we choose Family?
Are only kinship and ancestors
connecting us to our RELATIVES?
Is it about bloodlines or is it about
to someone.
No matter how many miles part us from that someone...

Friendship is made so easily these days, so quickly.
I think we are even abusing the word
these days.

We often reduce, begrade, belittle, deminish this word in it's true meaning, don't we?

Sometimes we say these words (friend, love) too fast,
use them without depth.

We say:
"my friend"
to someone we just met 1 day ago...
Same as a lot of (especially younger) people say:
"I love you"
to someone they met 1 day ago...

Aristotle said:
"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."

John Churton Collins said:
"In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends."

Saint Jerome said:
"The friendship that can cease has never been real."

We DO get swallowed by our own lives!

But we also have a choice to change that.

WE DO have that power IN US!
At any point in our lives!

It is up to US to

It is up to US to set


did not know the true meaning of friendship for a long time.

Until I moved.
Until I decided to go and live someplace else for the first time.
Years ago.
Until I "decided" to be who I am.
Years ago.

You do get a feeling for it though, over the years.
I get better in recognizing true friendship.
I get also better in recognizing superficialness.

After my first move
it was
I was

But I decided to change things for ME.
I decided: "I won't allow life to swallow me too!"

There is a TEACHING for ME in everything.

I am learning.
I am turning it around.

I get better in understanding.
I also get better in not to blame.
I also get better in loving unconditionally.
I get better in staying in touch.
I also get better in letting go.

A good friend used to say:
"We will be able to gather ONE handful of true friends throughout our lifes, if we are lucky."


It is all about PRIORITIES, isn't it.


ANOTHER THOUGHT (or more)...

Do I really have to define/analyze the word

Do I have to
every relationship I have with someone?

Is it even possible to measure

Does true friendship need

Do I have to attach
to everything in life?

Do I have to put
into every relationship/friendship?

I do believe I want to
true friendship in life, like rare and fragile flower...

I also believe
that this special connection with another soul is
given by universe.

It is or it is not.
True friendship only knows one color,
there are no shades.



  1. I believe wholeheartedly that every single word you said or quoted is true. Friendship (true friendship) is so precious.

  2. What a beautiful, thoughtful post! And I have even found such "real friends" in blogland. This internet is really amazing. And yet, I still send hand-written letters, too.
    Lots of blessings to you!

  3. This is extraordinary! And you have presented it beautifully and your music selection makes this a complete experience of performance art! I am honored to "meet" you, and hope someday to deserve the designation of friend...Janine XO

  4. Hi Michi, I've been off my computer and see i've missed so much, I'll be back to catch up and comment in the morning, so sleepy now!
    ♥ lori

  5. Here I am, good morning! I'm sorry I don't know how to say it in Swedish.
    I wanted to tell you how much I loved this post. You say the verysame things I am thinking.It's really wonderful. and your horse! I think that's the most beautiful horse I've ever seen. Great Photos Michi!
    ♥ lori

  6. Hello blog-"friends"! ;-)

    It is still not easy for me to write about "real feelings", this blog is somehow becoming a therapy for myself and I feel I am getting better at it.
    I've always been kinda shy, afraid of expressing my feelings and thoughts in writing for several reasons that originate in my childhood i guess...
    Thank you all for your interest in what I am writing and for your kind comments.
    It makes me happy that you enjoy my photograps as well!

  7. Hello Michi,

    Although you wrote this over a year ago, I just read it today ... your words resounded deeply & touch me within my heart & soul as well.

    I've only been "blogging" for a relatively short time ... so, I've been trying to take a "few moments" each day & read my "blogging friends" past musings ... this is beautifully written & I appreciate you're sharing such personal thoughts & feelings ... the photo's you share are beyond amazing ... I LOVE the photo's of your animals ... they are gorgeous ... there's a saying that "one's eyes are the window into your soul" ... it's as though you've captured that with your photos & can indeed see into these amazing creature's very souls <3

    I'm so, so happy for you, Hasie, and all your wonderful animals!

    I hope you don't mind ... but, I wanted to share this little verse with you ... it's from my blog post back in April

    ~ Roses & Friendship ~
    a single ROSE can be my garden
    a single FRIEND, my world
    author ~ leo f busciglia

    Wishing you & your family a wonderful life full of joy & love ~ Lynn <3


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