Sunday, April 5, 2009


Carola Lind.
She is a holistic coach and therapist, riding coach, teacher, animal communicator, mother of three beautiful girls, a hard worker (in her system called Lindmethoden), a fighter and a dreamer, a wonderful friend and my soul sister.

She has written another book, about how to ride a horse in balance. About how to be one with your horses movements. About how to connect with your own body to your horses movements and how to direct them.

The book will come out later this year. First in german, then in swedish and eventually also in english I have been told.

Carola invited me to shoot all the photos used IN the book at first, but then she asked me if I would like to shoot the cover for the book too.
Of course I said YES! A big challenge, a big opportunity and also a huge proof of trust. Thank you Carola!

So yesterday Carola came up to Halland with her older daughter Julia, her youngest Edith and her good friend Marie-Louise, who was also the driver...

Carola asked me a while back if I'd think that my horse would like to be on the cover of her latest book... I just thought, well ask him yourself... and that is what she did. Apparently he said YES. :-)

He got washed, brushed and polished and saddled and bridled and kissed a lot yesterday.
He was doing so well, being so patient with us. He is simply the best, even though he seemed not to care at all about being on the cover of a book. All he seemed to think about was "when is this whole thing over so that I can get back to my favourite place - the pasture and the hay"!

I cannot post the really good pictures here because they will be used for the book of course.
But here are some nice ones that didn't make it into the selection and ones that Hasi has made during the shoot with Carola's camera.

We took a first "testing" when the sun was still high. Working on how to pose, what background is best and so on...

Around 6:30 in the evening (local summertime) the light was great.
My new Canon lens took great pics, natural colors and good light.
The image below is taken with the sigma (55-300) lens - a nice picture but a complete different color/tone.

Me and "assistent" Indigo :)

This one is taken with the Canon lens. (70-200 1:2.8 L IS USM) Love this lens!

It was a very nice day. A day with lots of sun (sometimes too much even - shades), lots of laughter and good food.

Thank you all for a great day!


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