Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Life Everywhere

What a wonderful time of the year!

Fresh greens everywhere.

Gorgeous colors everywhere.

And new babies...


I saw them in a corner of their pasture and thought:
"Great! I can get some nice horse baby shots!"

But you can see what they did
when they saw me coming closer....




  1. Oh, the love the horses. Keep trying. Would like to some close-ups of those babies!! The new flowers peeking up are pretty cool too.

  2. Lovely photos! and of course I love the horse pics. The babies are so cute. Big bony knees! I just noticed your time was 3:30 - wonder if your am or pm? It's 9:30 am here...debbie

  3. Just terrific! Beautiful photos...even if the ponies were a little camera shy! Thanks for the big, big smile!

  4. ...such beauties!! I love them all.....

  5. Lovely photos of spring. I love the last photo of the horses going away from you. Reminds me of a photo I was trying to take of my husband and my son's family in front of the beautiful red tulip fields in Mt. Vernon Washington during the Tulip Festival there. As I went to snap the photo they all turned their backs on me and looked at the tulip fields. Yes, I did get one of them facing me, but my favorite is the one turned away! So often the shot that is perfect is not the one you intended but the one that presents itself to you. Your horses walking away are a great story and you will think of that moment whenever you look at it.

  6. I'll try again to get closer to the little ones for sure! They are just too sweet and like glued to their mothers because they are so young. In a couple of weeks they will be more independent and get more curious.
    And the mares are very careful and really protective, that is why they went the other way. It might also be because they are not handled much, they seem not as attatched to humans as our horses for example. They get cuddled every day! :)

    Those mares with foals are trotters. This sport is huge in Sweden.
    They not only race thoroughbreds, also coldblooded horses and ponies.
    I've never seen it "live", a sport where people bet on animals is just not my thing...
    @debbie... it was pm. I just added a digital clock on my side bar now


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