Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hawk - The Messenger

I was "challenged" yesterday, by my friend Carola ( to shoot a picture that could/might represent the future.


I gave this some thinking, and I couldn't come up with anything...

Everything that I look at holds past and future within, but it only exists in the present moment, right?!

So taking a photograph of "the future" or about it really, is a challenge in it self.

Finally I came up with an idea for a picture that could be a symbol for the future in some way...

Leaving IT - the FUTURE - to be an exiting MYSTERY.

Leaving it to be written at any given moment, at any given the forces and engergys of universe (and sometimes ME... ;-) )

That is how I want future to be, exiting mystery.

An opportunity to be who I truely am, and grow out of my mistakes.

I will take as many chances as I can to look around me and at myself, to ovserve and learn.

I can and will TAKE the pen, at any given moment, and put my life down on paper.

Nothing's written yet, all left to be discovered.

That is such a lovely idea, isn't it?!


It's like a dance on the high wire...

You know you have some controle over what is happening next, you decide when and how to take the next step, but you'll never know from wich side the breeze will come and with how much force it will touch you!


All you can do is have faith that all things in life will work out just fine. And if they don't then you will have another chance to figure IT out.


I decided to draw a card today too...


I drew the card in the contrary which indicates an imbalance in the medicine of that card...

If you have drawn Hawk reversed, it may be because you have shut down your powers of observation on some level. If something in your life has become too painful to feel, too unbelievable to hear, or too dark to see, it is time to examine the point at which you chose to let yourself become emotionally involved and to no longer be the observer.
When you allow your emotions to override your perceptions, the message from Hawk cannot penetrate the chaos and confusion. At this point you are asked to be mindful of the honest observer's neutral position, which allows the message to be intuitively and clearly understood without emotion coloring it's true meaning.

Emotional coloring is a tendency of Hawk medicine people when they are off-balance. Their emotions cloud their vision and lead to a crash landing. The ego can clip the wings and leave Hawk grounded. Also, if Hawk believes that those who cannot fly the same way he/she does have weaker perceptions, then the winged messenger has not understood his or her own medicine.

Freedom of flight is a privilege, and being a messenger is an honor. The responsibility for delivery of the message is up to you. Take your flight and forget about interpreting the omen your own way. Let the receiver decide what the message means.
After all, unless it was sent specifically for you, you would be tampering.

Hawk in the contrary position teaches us:

1. To open up to the powers of observation

2. Not to tell others how to think or behave

3. To take care of your own emotional baggage before you begin receiving omens, visions, or messages.

4. To remember that all gifts are equal in the eyes of the Great Spirit.

(Text from the Book MEDICINE CARDS, by David Carson & Jamie Sams)



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