Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hasi is dutch, so for her today is a very special day.
It's KONINGINNEDAG today in Holland,
the day where the Queen,
her family and the entire country celebrates her birthday.
Well, it's not her actual birthday today,
but the day where Holland celebrates the
"Queens Day".

It's a day where the dutch people get to see the entire royal Family out in public.
Every year they visit a different city and the city organizes a big party for them.
Hasi will watch it on TV.
I wish I could watch too, but I have a doctors appointment...

At the party the members of the royal family get to see art performances,
traditional customs that are typical for that part of the country,
they are offered food, children sing for them
AND they get to play fun games or even go ice skating.

Prince Willem Alexander from Oranje-Nassau and wife Princess Maxima
(Picture source Internet)

Almost everyone is dressed in orange,
or wears something orange
because it is the royal familiys color.

I also used to live in Holland for a couple of years
and even though the country is small and very crowded
(that was the main reason we left)
I like to follow what is going on in that country.

Dutch people are - in general - very nice people.
And they have fun traditions and beautiful flowers.

Photo source Internet


  1. Thank you for the interesting post about Holland. Our daughter-in-law's parents were from Holland. The tulips are beautiful.

  2. HAPPY QUEENS DAY!! Enjoyed the post of Holland. I think that would be a nice place to visit and the tulips are just lovely. I love tulips...course, who doesn't!! lol...debbie

  3. Happy celebrations! I have always loved the color orange...but you have given me new reasons to appreciate it!

  4. ...very cool. I love learning about the world's cultures and customs, and what a fun custom! Danke vielmals!

  5. @ Ramadhani... Yes, I agree!

    @Montanagirl... The dutch are everywhere! ;-)

    @Happy Days...Yes, Holland is a nice country to visit. A country with lots of history and beautiful nature, but it's (almost) all flat.
    Great for bicycling!!!

    @Sniffles and Smiles... Yeah, I like that color too. It is such a happy color.

    @Kelly... Gern geschehen! Das freut mich sehr dass du meinen Blog so regelmässig besuchst. Thank you for your interest! :))

    Thank you all for stopping by! :))


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