Sunday, April 19, 2009

Morning Surprise

Sunday morning, 6:45

Hasi and the dogs got up, I stayed in bed.
Sunday, the perfect day to sleep late.
That was my plan...
But it wasn't supposed to happen like that.

Hasi came back into the bedroom, telling me about a strange noise that came out of the extactor in the kitchen. It sounded like a bird flapping his wings against the walls of the ventiduct.
So I got up and started to investigate.
Hasi and Barry were already over at the barn, feeding the horses.
So it was up to us, Cleo, cat Missy and me, to figure out a way to free the animal in emergency...

I figured out a way to get to the pipe fairly quickly, got a screwdriver to unfasten the clip that holds the tube that is attached to the metal ventiduct which is about 20x20 cm.

I pulled down the plastic tube and there he was, falling down from the prison he got himself into (probably looking for a nesting opportunity)...

The Starling took off immediately, hitting one of the kitchen windows, going for the light.
I managed to pick him (or her??) up. I checked for possible injuries and was glad to find the bird ok. His heart was pounding like hell and he looked very confused. I decided to take two quick pictures (for the blog of course ;-) ). Then it was time to take him outside again.
I told him to look somewhere else for a nest next time, gave him a light "lift" up in the air.
He spread his wings, startet to flap them like crazy!
It was great to see him fly off into the sky... :))

Phu! What a start into this new Sunday!
Time for some coffee!!!

Yesterday we drove down to Höllviken again, a place south of Malmö (south Sweden).
On the way we picked up our friend Carola from the Central Station in Lund.
We went to MacDonalds for a quick lunch
and got to our destination, the Riding School in Höllviken, around 1pm.

Anna, the owner of the stable, was already waiting for us
and the weather was georgeaus!
Carola had asked her if she could ride 2 or 3 of her horses,
while I would take some additional photographs, that we could use for Carola's Book.

3 hours and 3 beautiful horses later we had about 1667!!! photographs on the computer.
AND we DID get some very nice shots!

Thank you ANNA,
for such a warm welcome
and especially for the good coffee!!!


Some impressions...

We were back home around 6:45pm,
he horses were already waiting for us.

Midas came trotting into the stable... :
Shaking his

Back to present time...
(the dogs, Hasi and I)
are sitting on the sofa in the living room.
(The dogs are stretching their legs and are asleep).
We are watching the GP of China (Formula 1).
It is raining there...! Makes the race much more exciting!

But now I am getting kinda hungry, time for BRUNCH!


Have a great Sunday everyone!!!



  1. That is a neat post. Love the horse pics. Glad you got the Starling rescued! You do a nice job of telling your little stories to post. Good work.

  2. On the run this morning...I'll be back later when I can give your beautiful post my full attention...Can't wait to read it in full! ~Janine XO

  3. I love you pictures, and your country. I'm so glad you rescued the starling.... there are very few in my garden lately. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Those silly birds can get themselves into more trouble! We had one fall down our flue also and was banging around inside our fireplace. We have a glass door so he couldn't get out and he was covered in ashes! I tried throwing a towel in to catch him but missed and he flew out and hit the TV screen. Bob had a big towl holding it in front of the kitchen so he would get out of the family room. He crashed into the widows, the desk and finally found the door and flew out. Silly birds! Your starling is really pretty, we didn't have those spots on ours...debbie

  5. Wow! What a couple of days you've had!! You deserve a beautiful brunch!!!! We had birds trying to nest in our range hood vent once upon a time...sigh...had to get them out and cover the hole with duct tape! You took some absolutely lovely photos on Saturday!!! You are wonderful with your camera! I'm envious :-) BTW, I love your previous post...Midas is gorgeous!!!How can you resist such a beautiful beast?? Love at first sight, I'd say. Happy Sunday to you, too! Cheers!~Janine XO

  6. Thanks to all of you who are visiting and leaving comments! I originally started this blog for our friends and family back in Austria and Holland, as an easy way to keep them up to date on our "adventures" in our new Home Country Sweden.
    I didn't expect so many "strangers" to "find" hillybillyfarmgirl and most certainly not so many nice comments on my pics and writing. I came to a point where I decided to post in english only, because of all the nice reactions and because I like to write in english...
    It is nice how "things" get their own lives sometimes, somehow...

  7.'s amazing where these birds can work themselves into sometimes! Your horse photos are always beautiful.

  8. Wow Michi, What a great post, I was hanging on everyword! I love starlings, I can't wait to see them in Africa again.I'm so glad you rescued that one. And your photos! really gorgeous, good job you. I'm so happy you had a wonderful day with the horses. Oh, and I know what you mean about the blog, I had the same idea and now... :)
    Happy Monday!
    ♥ lori

  9. Very nice post. I liked the starling in the pipe. Horse photos are always nice.


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