Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I got up early today... and that for a Sunday!!!

Well, I'll admit it, I had to go to the bathroom...
And then I thought it's best to go and feed the horses right away, and let them out, and THEN
go back to bed right away.

But now I am sitting here, my fingers tapping these words...
I WILL go back to bed, after this.

I believe it's going to be another great day, sunny, not too warm, a bit windy.


Last night we had dinner with our friends.
They really spoiled us with excelent food (lamb - what else), nice beverages (mostly "påske öl" and cider (with and wo alc...) , Schnaps (not for the designated driver - me), nice conversations and a couple of very good laughs!
We learned a lot of new things about swedish traditions
and (thanks to Annika) swedish candy...
some of us the hard way.
Boy some of that stuff can really stick to your teeth!!!

The time flew by and we left their house in Getinge somewhat late (for our notions), checked on the horses (I had to put Indigo's PJ's on him - blanket him) and had some extra cuddle time with our doggies and Missy Lou (our cat).

What a nice Saturday it was.

Now it's Easter Sunday and millions of kids will have to go out today and look for easter nests.
They will find a lot!
Eggs, candy, toys, handys (mobile phones)...
And they will miss a few too!

It always happened when I was little.
Our mother would hide the beautiful colored eggs around the house, behind timber, in the bushes, in the hey stack, behind trees and flowers...
But at the end we always missed some and they were found later during the year or not at all.
It was fun!

Times change.
A lot of things change.
It is nice that some traditions never change.

Happy Easter everyone!


...heading off to bed again... ;-)



  1. Guten Morgen, und auch fröhliche Ostern aus Deutschland! Did I get it right that you are an Austrian girl, living in Sweden, but you write in English? I also write an English blog, but I am a German, living on the island Usedom, right next to Poland. Lori sent me over to your place! I love her blog, too. Ha det bra!

  2. Hey Michi, you have met my dear friend Angela! thank you for such a lovely post, what a great time you had! and yes i agree, I'm so glad somethings don't change.


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