Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flap your wings!

Today I got reminded of a story
I read recently in Eckhart Tolle's Book
"A New Earth"

Mr. Tolle is telling about an observation he had made and it goes like this:

Two ducks get into a fight, which never lasts long,
they will separate and float off in opposite directions.
Then each duck will flap it's wings vigorously a few times,
thus releasing the surplus energy that built up during the fight.
After they flap their wings,
they float on peacefully,
as if nothing had ever happened.

We can learn so much from animals, can't we.

I learned something from my horse today.
We were riding out in the woods again.
Often, when we pass a nice spot, I stop him.
We stand there, look around, listen and look, and listen and look...
you get the picture.

Today he was the one who decided to stop.
Several times.
At first I didn't make much of it even though,
he is usually the type of horse that doesn't like to stand still.
We were actually training that a lot lately.
But today he was very different, extremely relaxed and calm.
So we stood there,
listened to the birds, the stream nearby, the silence.
I touched his shoulder and felt his strength.
I closed my eyes and felt his breath, his heart beat.
I took a deep breath,
and so did he.

I realized
I was still caught up in thinking,
of things I had to do later on,
phone calls I had to make
phone calls I was expecting.
Everyday thinking (some of it compulsive I fear).

I am usually not good in letting go...

My horse turned his head around and kinda looked at me,
and then it hit me!

This is the perfect place to let go of all thoughts, sorrows and fears.
I heard my inner voice:
"Leave everything here".

I just need to "flap my wings", that's all!

So I started to listen again...
to the birds,
to the wind,
to the streaming water nearby.
I starded to find my horses breath and joined him.
We were breathing together and
he was still standing there with me like a rock.

We were taking many deep breaths,
and with every exhale I felt lighter.
I thought:
"I'll leave it here, whatever it is that puts stress on me at this moment".
"The universe will take care of it"

And I believe it does.
Taking in those moments felt amazing.
I felt happy and blessed.

We must have been on that spot
for at least 10 minutes
when Midas decided to continue down the path.

I thought about the story from Eckhart Tolle's book again,
the story about the ducks.

We too are able to let go of surplus energy,
of stressful and negative thoughts.

My horse does it all the time.
Weather he is excited or frustrated,
he'll shake his head or express it in another way.
It's fun to watch.

Too often we put stress upon ourselves,
by thinking negative thoughts,
by making something bigger as it really is,
by staying angry at someone or a situation
even though
it's all part of the past.

There are so many things in life that we can't controle,
so what is the point in trying?
It takes so much engergy, doesn't it!

Why not let go of things we cannot change,
things we cannot controle?

Why not UNLOAD ourselves
of what puts so much weight on our shoulders,

Why not be more patient
and make the best possible life for us


Now it's time to let go of my laptop and go to bed...

Sleep tight everyone!



  1. Great philosophy! And very true. How does that saying go???: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

  2. My Favorite Poem: "TODAY" ~ Why worry about tomorrow And the rising of the sun, Or anguish over past mistakes or pain that cannot be undone? ~ Why waste life's precious moments on things that bruise the heart. When today is ours to fashion into a work of art? ~ Today comes but once my friend, It never can return, so use it wisely while you can, there's a lesson you may learn. ~ Let history record the past No matter how sad and painful it might be, and tomorrow come what may, for it starts a brand new day! Be content to do your best With what you have today!

    Thank you for a picture of Midus, He is so handsome. Makes me miss my Junior when I look at him. What Breed is Midus?

    I really enjoy your writings...debbie

  3. Yes, that's it exactly, by worrying or trying to control we miss the beauty of what's right in front of us, and there really is beauty everywhere. I love the horse photo again! so pretty. This was a great thing for me to read at the start of my day. Thank you Michi,
    ♥ lori

  4. That was a wonderful story. Your horse, King Midas, touched with its golden wisdom. He knew exactly what you needed at the right time.

    Often, we have attached ourselves to thoughts and emotions that we have kept for so long, that we actually forget that if we were to let go, we would find ourselves in a more liberating and expansive state of being where all of life could come into focus.

    Enjoy the Moment



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