Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pleasant Day

The day began with a very pleasant ride on Midas.
I love to ride him with the bareback pad!! It lets me feel more connected to him, lets me feel closer to this magical animal. I feel every muscel, every movement, every breath, all this power and energy...
He is such a reliable horse, even though he gets spooked easily.
I know he would carry me everywhere, anytime.

Indigo stays always close.
He is so smart, learning new things every day which are letting him grow in self confidence.
He is a great student, but also a fantastic teacher.
He is a young horse, will be 5 soon.
Sometimes I feel his wisdom which only an old soul can own...

MAGIC all around us...

European Viper (Kreuzotter - german)
Warming up it's body in the sun after a long periode of hybernation.
Snakes are somehow creepy..
But still absolute

Birds singing, flying around with small twigs in their beaks.
Preparing homes for the next generation.
Beautiful melodies touching my heart.

There is no better "food" for the soul then experiencing the seasonal wonders of nature!



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  1. This is wonderful! yes, I so agree with you! It looks like you live in a beautiful place.
    such pretty pictures.


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