Monday, April 13, 2009

No better place to be

I am glad we didn't have to go anywhere for the holidays.
I just watched the news on TV...
all those traffic jams on many european highways,
all those accidents,
all those lives gone.

What a luxury to be able to stay home,
stay where it is safe,
stay where it is peaceful and quiet.

We used to live in Holland, in Austria,
we spend many hours on (crazy!) german highways too.
Driving somewhere was mostly very stressful and often dangerous.

Here in Sweden
it's actually fun to drive.
This is ONE of the reasons why we are living here now.

I just remember how it was when I was little...
My parents used to take my brother and me
to visit our godparents on Easter.
That was always nice spending time with them,
but it also ment that we had to sit in the car for a long time,
and back then
we didn't have mobile phones, gameboys
and/or Dvd-players in the car...

I loved growing up on the country side.
I was always free to be and go wherever I wanted.
I spent a lot of time with the farm animals and
daydreaming about living on a big ranch with lots of horses!
Those (horses) didn't come into my life until I was 13...
(happiest day of my life!!!)
My brother and I would play Cowboys and Indians,
we would tinker bows and arrows
and whittle colts out of pieces of wood...


Now, some years later
and many experiences richer
I appreciate living on the country side even more.

Life is a vacation, isn't it?!



  1. I think your right, it's like that for me too(i don't live in the countryside, but it's a nice place to be), I guess It's all in the way you look at things. It's a big beautiful world.

    ♥ lori

  2. East, west, home's best .... from a bloke who just drove almost 2500 kilometres with his family. But that's what Easter does to us in Australia!

  3. Lori David, thank's for commenting! I'd love to drive 2500km in Australia..! ;-)

  4. Seit wir hier auf Usedom wohnen, haben wir auch immer Ferien! Morgens gehe ich mit Paco ans Meer, wir sehen den Möwen zu, hören das rauschen der Wellen - wunderbar! It must be lovely to live on your farm, too!

  5. I LOVE home...and you have captured my feelings precisely!!! Congrats on your POTD mention...Very well-deserved!

  6. Thank you everyone for commenting!
    @Sniffles and Smiles...
    what is a POTD mention??? Where do I find that?
    ( sorry, I am fairly new in bloger-country...)


  7. @ sniffles and smiles... I managed to find out what POTD is and where my post is mentioned by searching on your blog site :))
    I am so thrilled! This is so exciting! Thank you AUTHORBLOG!

  8. My step-mother was a hillbilly farm girl from Tennessee, I didn't know they had hillbilly's in Austria! See, you learn something new every day. We moved out to a rural area three years ago. Driving in LA was a nightmare, out here, it's a pleasure. I love reading about the lives of people in such far away places as Sweden!

  9. Well, Elizabeth... I guess you can find hillybilly's everywhere these days.


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