Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beauty Day for Cleo

Mission accomplished!

It was time for Cleo's Beauty Day
and her Spring haircut!

When I was taking this picture i could here her think:

"Well well, she's taking
ANOTHER picture of me, hmmm, whatever...!"

She was still relaxed, enjoying the morning sun and
I had promised her a cookie if she would "smile" into the camera.

OH OH!!!
"That's not good! How did I end up here???"

"Are you really serious??!!??"
"I don't need a bath, I look fantastic and the smell is OK too!!!
I just rolled in something interesting yesterday..."


"You're sooo mean! I thought this would be a fun day and look at me now!"
"I don't deserve this!!!"

Stupid camera!
Get on with this Missy!
I don't have all day!"

"I think I got a little water in my ear... gotta shake it out."

"Oh YES! THAT'S more like it!
"I like that thing that blows warm air on my skin!!!
And please don't forget the massage!"

"This feels pretty nice!
Thank you!"
"Yes, you were right, I was a little filthy, that's true.
I am the most beautiful little dog on this planet now, right??"

I didn't sign up for that!!!"


and even MORE cookies

TA TA!!!!



  1. We gave Lincoln a spring haircut too. She sure is a cute little pup! Is she a Jack Russell? We have to keep lincoln short all through summer because he likes to swim in the pool and clogs up the filter with all his hair. He's much happier with his hair short too...debbie

  2. Hi Debbie, Yes, Cleo is a Jack Russel, at least that is what we were told. She might not be 100% though because her coat is a bit untypical. There are JR with rough and longer coats, but cleo's is not rough, her hair is soft... But her character is definately Jack Russel! ;-)

  3. What a sweetie! Funny the expression when she was covered with soapsuds. :-)

  4. Extraordinarily clever post! LOVE your dog...beautiful! Enjoyed this so much! You never fail to make me smile!

  5. Well I have to admit I love your post on your wee dog!!. Love dogs I wish we could have one but in Canada most/all places you rent won't allow you to have pets of any kind. Sigh** One day we hope to own a home of our own....but for now I can't complain. I love the shots of your country side. I have never had the opportunity to travel. I have only ever been to Disney Land Ca USA. I hope to travel one day when my boys grow up a wee bit more. Again loved your post.

  6. I enjoyed the "Saga of the Bath" very much! She is such a cute dog and very expressive. Thanks for the chuckle.


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