Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One more month

This place has been our home for six months now.
We rent the house of a huge farm that used to be a pig farm.
The barns and stables have been empty for years.
Our landlord bought the farm (about 30 ha) a couple of years back.
He and his family are living a couple of km from here on the original farm which is called "Semb Mölla". They are bording and breeding race horses (trotters). I don't know how much land they really own, but they told us that they are also renting additional farmland to be able to produce all the feed they need for their horses.

There are tow harm houses on this property.
The second one is just a couple hundred meters away from us, it's also rented out.
It has a garage and a small barn, that is where our horses are living.

The photos where made last September...

This is the horse farm we will move to end of May...

We are already in the planning for the move.
But with the help of the internet is that really easy.
So much can be arranged online these days, I love that!

Hasi's sister will come from Holland to
help us with packing and cleaning and
the moving company is already arranged for the 28th of May.

It will be a "smooth ride" all the way to Fjälkinge!



  1. So excited for you! I'm sure you are reveling in your plans!

  2. Wow. It looks so inviting. It's beautiful!

  3. Your new home looks so beautiful! I love those countryside views! Congratulations!!
    (And thank you for stopping by to visit me! Now I got to discover you and become a follower!)

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your photos. Will follow you as well! wishing you a peaceful day.


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