Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Neighbours

We said "Good Bye" 6 months ago.
We don't miss the village,
we don't miss the house that was our home for 5 years.

We had wonderful neighbours in Mönchdorf (Austria).
The best you can imagine.
We don't miss anything about Austria,
only our neighbors Z. and M.!

But we stay in touch and they are
sending us picures from our old house.

The new owners, their new neighbours,
are doing a major

We did nothing but renovating and landscaping
the first two years while living there,
now it is their turn!

The photos below show only the beginning...

Photos by neighbour Mandi :)

A house like that could tell many stories.
It has seen many seasons.
Families lived there, kept animals and raised children there.
And it was rough, cold times back then.

There was a tree standing right behind the house,
it wasn't tall but old.
I think it's called Lime in english.
It was a beautiful tree,
the dogs loved to sit under it.

It's gone.

Things change, people come and go like the seasons do.

Only if there is decay,
rebuilding can arise.

I hope and wish that
the new family will be happy there,
we were.
I am sure they will put
lots of love into the reconstruction of the house.

And I know for sure they have great neighbours!


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  1. It always seems strange to see what new owners do to a house that was your home for a number of years. It seems especially sad when they cut down trees that you loved, and like you I have had that happen. Our last house we lived in for 15 years and sold in November. It is in an out-of-the-way spot so I haven't been back since it was sold. We loved the house and location, but it was on a steep hillside and had lots of stairs. The move was bittersweet, but we decided we needed a house on one level on flat ground to make our retirement easier. I'm not sure I want to see the changes!


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