Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moving on - one moment at a time

Okay! My blog is not boring!
I thank you (the faithful readers of hillybillyfarmgirl) for letting me know.
AND - I agree! I do!

It's just that I wish I had more to share at the moment.

Even though I am not posting regularly, I do take blogging very seriously.

I think we all try to leave a "foot print" or "skidmark" in some way, right?!
Well, we do anyways. Even if we don't try.
We all leave a print or mark in some form, on something, someone, everyone we ever meet, with everything we ever do.

Deep or shallow.
Big or small.
With words and actions.
Even with passivity.
Positivity or negativity.

Our goal should be to leave a positive print/mark, right?!

To get there we must be positive from inside. It all starts inside.

I did have a brief, negative "down" those past few days.
One of those downs where you worry too much, where you let yourself down.
But now I am back on track.
*i hope* ;-)

MIKA is doing great.
He's playful and happy.
He was just "out" for one day, the vet did a fantastic job.
Mika was cryptorchid, meaning that one of his testicles failed to descend into the scrotum.
But the vet was able to locate and remove the "hiding" one as well.
We are happy for him, now he will be able to grow up without any hormone - caused stress.

Tomorrow we'll go and see the (German Shepherd) puppies again.
They are now 3 weeks old and their eyes are open. I am curious how much they have grown and if they are seeking contact with us. Maybe it is too soon for that, I don't know.
I might take some photos if the breeders allows it.

Now I will go and keep my pillow company, for the next 8 or 9 hours, at least!
Mika has accepted that the door is closed and hasn't scratched for days now.
Our "ignore - policy" has worked.

Oh ja... it's still very cold here. Many parts of Sweden had to deal with blizzards yesterday and last night. Lot's of additional snow has fallen.
BUT NOT HERE! We did't get anything. It was just a bit windy and COLD.
A friend (living just one hour south of here) called us this morning to tell us how much snow had been falling. She even send a photo with her cell phone...
It took me some time to "find" the bike...
I wonder how she managed to even open her front door. She said there was snow literally everywhere!

Well, the fire (in the tiled stove) is almost out. Time for my beauty sleep! :))

Have a great (Saturday and) Sunday everyone!



  1. Glad Mika's surgery went well! I hope you get pictures of the pups, but we'll see him/her soon enough when you bring one home (he or a she??)
    Enjoy your beauty sleep!!

  2. I'm glad Mika's fine too. I loved your moose, wow would i love to see them. I'm also glad you've turned a corner with your mood, maybe it's just the weather, it looks awfully cold there.
    exciting news about your bus licence too! congratulations!

  3. Glad Mika's good. They usually do well on that sort of thing. Thank goodness. What colors are the puppy's. I like the black and silver ones. I think everyone everywhere over the globe has had a lot of snow. We had 4 more inches yesterday and today is up to 3! Blue sky and sun tho! Hopefully it will melt some of the white stuff...have a great Sunday!...debbie

  4. Glad to have you back 'on track'. Take care.

  5. Great shot of the tire track. I don't find your blog boring. Looks like you have a ton of snow - so do we! lol

  6. you should make a snowman out of all that snow

  7. ...your blog is definitely not boring. I love seeing glimpses of life in Sweden......everything about life is interesting, no matter how small or big.


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