Friday, January 22, 2010

Good News

Good Morning!

We slept like angels last night. :))
Mika didn't scratch on the bedroom door once!!!
He seems to be a very fast learner and accepted the fact that the door is closed.
We would prefer to be able to let the door open though, you get just so much more fresh air that way, especially when it's too cold outside to open a window. I can't stand the draft that comes in that way.
But for now the door stays closed and that is okay.
And we don't have to feel guilty, he has several very cosy spots in the house where he loves to sleep. There is cat baskets upstairs, blankets near the radiator downstairs (where he lays on sometimes together with Cleo), the Sofa in the living room, and the big dog basket. AND between the shoes in the hall, he loves to nap there, when we are not home.
We are very proud of our little boy.

I really believe the best training method for a dog (or cat in that case), is to ignore bad behavior and reward the good one. Besides setting clear boundaries and rules AND having lot's of patience of course.

Remembering that will come in handy the day we'll get a new puppy in the house.
We are in the process of buying a German Shepherd puppy, we found a good Kennel and the puppies are already born. They are now only 2 weeks old and we haven't picked one yet.
We visited them last saturday and they looked like cute little guinea pigs.
Their eyes and ears where still closed and they were only making cute noises.
It was so wonderful to hold them and they smelled sooooooooo good!
Have you ever smelled a little puppy? They really smell awesome! No kidding! :)
We'll go there again next weekend to see how they are doing and if we can make a decision.
I'll keep you all up to date on this of course!

Today I'll have the last part of my swedish exam, the oral part.
Last night I got a text message from my teacher (and examiner) that I passed the written part, the exam was wednesday and took all afternoon.
I was so happy to get the good news already last night, it gave me a very good night sleep (which was not interrupted by a certain kiddy-cat;-)

It's nice to be able to look forward to a little break from all the books and the studying. Between now and the start of the bus-drivers course will probably lay a week or two.
I have been invited to a informative meeting nest Tuesday, then I will know a lot more about the when, how and where.

ALMOST WEEKEND PEOPLE! Isn't that cool?!!



  1. Glad to hear all the scratching stopped! Yes, I love puppy breath. A new puppy huh?! I like German Shepherds, but had to get another Australian Shepherd. They are so wonderful and sweet....debbie

  2. As usual you all sound good to me!!! Luck today on the oral Swedish test and have a very nice rest in between now and your next steps!
    Are you allowed to take photos of the little puppies????

  3. Ah, good news for Mika! And congrats on passing the written test.
    Can't wait to hear more and see your new pup (just think of all the pictures you can take! :) We had a German Shepherd as a child, but he had hip displasia and at some point, we had to have him put down. He was a beautiful dog, but one of his ears got slammed in a door when he was a puppy so he had a flop in it.

  4. I love puppies and puppy breath!

    I love the new photo on your blog!

    This is the weekend...and it starts my work week!

    Have a great one...[glad you could sleep!]


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