Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the "winner" is...

Just interesting...

AUSTRIA (That's where I grew up):
Austria has around 8.3 million citizens.
Austria's size is 83.871 km²

The NETHERLANDS (Hasi's homeland):
Citizens: 16.5 millions
Size: 41.528 km²

SWEDEN (The country that we call "home" now):
Citizens: 9.2 millions
Size: 450.295 km²

USA ( A country we love to visit):
Citizens: 308 millions
Size: 9.6 million km²

And the "winner" is.....

Holland! Congratulations! :))

Well, now you might wonder what this is all about, right?

We all know what happened in Haiti.
We are all very shocked, some call it the biggest human disaster ever.

Those people need help and the only way most of us CAN help, is giving money to those who lost everything. All they have left is their lives.

I think that almost every country and every organization around the globe is reaching out to the people in need, by collecting money.

I have to admit that I don't have any numbers of how much money has been collected in Sweden or the US, or other countries for that matter, but I have numbers for Austria and Holland...

Since that terrible day of the earthquake in Haiti the austrian folks donated (up to today) around 6.9 million Euros.

The dutch people managed to donate 43 million Euros - yes 43! In just ONE DAY.
Isn't that remarkable?
And the dutch cabinet "just" doubled that amount. Just like that.
Not bad for such a small country, don't you think?!
Despite the economic crisis we are all having to deal with right now.

So that is why I call the dutch people "winners".
Respect! Respect!

The real WINNERS of all the generosity all around the globe, are the people in Haiti though.


  1. We gave money through the Red Cross...debbie

  2. A round a applause for the good Dutch people who gave so generously! :-)

  3. That is some remarkable news for the Dutch. I have no idea what or how much USA gave.


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