Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update on "the problem"

Mika has only been scratching on the bedroom door 4 times last night.
We are determined to ignore this behavior and hope this will be the solution. We hope that he will eventually give up and accept.

It would be so easy if this house would have more doors. What I mean is, that the owners (we are only renting) took out the doors between the hall and outer office, and also the one between the outer office and dining/living room. So there's just no way to "remove" the cats from the sleeping/living area.
We will not crate him over night, that would be very cruel I think and it breaks my heart when I think of him spending all night locked up in a tiny space. He's a cat and he needs his freedom.
Besides, he would probably make even more noise trying getting out of the crate!

Another option we are considering (if the ignoring doesn't work out) is that we will put him in one of the upstairs bedrooms over night. He would be miserable up there, but he could move around at least.
We will see how things progress.
Thank you for all your tips! :))

We've got some more snow yesterday. Not much, maybe just one inch or two.
The birds are coming to the bird feeders every day now. I noticed that the blackbirds are "back". I don't know really where they have been and what they were up to these past months, but they are back.
Mika and Missy like to watch the activities from inside, their little noses glued onto the windows.

Life around us changes every single day.
So much is going on in this world and the shocking news about the people suffering at Haiti makes you pause and think for a while.
It reminds you how fortunate you are that you have a nice, warm home, a car, a warm meal on the table every day.
It reminds you of having the privilege of good health care and you just need to turn the knob and you have warm and clean water coming out of the faucet.
It reminds you of how quick things can change, even in your own country, your own home...
Even though the disaster happens thousands of miles away...
you might think you are safe, but are you really?


Tree in the yard...

Once there was a swing on a big, strong tree.
I hear the children's laughter, it's still there even though
those years have passed.

The tree is dead and the swing is gone.
The rusty chain is the only reminder.
If it wouldn't be for the chain, we could not hear the children's laughter anymore.



  1. Very difficult to "ignore" the "problem", but I think that it is the best thing that you can do for him. After all he is getting closer and closer to being an adult cat. Adults need to learn to be a little more responsible for their actions ... even adult animals!
    Love your tree photo and the long-ago-laughter reminder. We all have had the backyard tree swing memories. Nice!!

  2. Love that tree photo and the words you wrote. Reminds me of those old days of swinging carefree laughter.

  3. Good idea about putting the cat in the upstairs bedroom.
    I love trees,especially the dead ones
    I always say
    if only they could tell us their stories

  4. I thought the crate idea meant the door stayed open, like a little house, cozy (not locked). No, that would not be good. I hope you can withstand the scratching and are stronger than me. at the slightest whimper we come running to our new pup. :)
    beautiful words about childhood.
    good luck!

  5. Enjoyed my visit.. Hello from Texas!


  6. The Header photo is beautiful. Nice post.

  7. I love that last bit about the chain! And the need to be grateful for what we've got is a timely reminder.


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