Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walk up the overlook

We did get to walk in sunshine yesterday.
It was a wonderful day, cold but sunny.

The weather was inviting enough to climb up the hill to get to one of the few overlooks in the area.
The few was beautiful even though the air was kinda hazy.
I grew up on a farm in Austria, not in the mountains, but with a very nice view at the mountains, the Alps.
I was very often sitting outside and behind the barn and on clear days the visibility was hundreds of kilometers.
We could see countless mountaintops, the panorama was breathtaking.
I have to admit that I miss that sometimes.
It's nice to have those memories. :)

Here we don't have mountain view, but we do have lakes around here!
Love that!

Cleo enjoyed the walk as much as we did, or maybe even more.
Even though she's already 9 this year, she's as happy and lively as always. She is so happy and playful.

This is a crop from the above photo

And here Cleo is a bit out of focus, but I love the shot anyways!

Again Cleo running - I also took a couple of B&W's

A look on the lake north-east

And another look north-west, where the lake is covered completely with ice and snow.

Back at the parking lot I realized how dirty our car is and couldn't resist to take a couple of shots...

The sun is shining again today and of course we'll go on a little trip today, drive around a little, taking some backroads maybe. I am hoping for some good photo opportunities...

At the moment we are looking at the Slalom-Race on TV...



  1. Good morning from snowy Montana! Love your photos today. The one of Cleo that's a bit out of focus, has so much personality - I don't believe one foot of hers is touching the ground. I love it. We have gotten 8 to 10 inches of new snow, and it's blowing like crazy, so we're hunkered down to wait it out. But, sometime here soon, I've got to venture and feed the birds.

  2. Great pictures of Cleo! Bounding along so happy, ears flapping in the breeze, flying through the air!! What a happy outing for her!! The countryside photos are really nice, love seeing what Sweden looks like!!...debbie

  3. You go Cleo!! Total enthusiasm and full of life!!! I love it....

  4. Ack! The photos of your puppy are just adorable. Love them... Glad the sun is out for you. We still haven't seen it...

  5. Cleo looks like a super hero dog!!!


  6. CLEO!!!! She is so adorable! Just love these.


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